What it Take to Sell to a Formula One Team...

If you’re in Automotive and have a product or service to sell to vehicle manufacturers or parts distributors then you’re in a highly-competitive industry. If you want to go one step further and get into the supply chain of Formula One then you’ll find business development, sales, and account management to be even more challenging.

This case study is a summary of the sales activity needed to help ADDITIVA win a Formula One team as a new customer and then sell metal printed parts.

The amount of sales activity needed...

  1. 58 - Outbound phone calls
  2. 332 - Emails sent (284) and received (48)
  3. 3 - Meetings held
  4. 27 - Opportunities created (27) and won (21)


What it takes to Sell to a Formula 1 Team by The Tree Group

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The Tree Group is a business growth agency that helps Automotive companies in the UK with at least 10 people and a desire to grow by 15% in the next 18 months through lead generation, customer acquisition, and client engagement.

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