About our team

We're business growth agency that helps Automotive companies in the UK with at least 10 people and £3M turnover grow by 15% in the next 18 months. Does that sound like you?

Owned and run by James Walters and Steve Smith, we have a combined 50 years experience of generating revenue for leading Automotive companies including; Prodrive; Subaru Technica International, Aston Martin Racing, JRM; Nissan Motorsport International (NISMO), Brembo, and Arai.

We have a vast amount of contacts and apply a creative approach to helping automotive businesses grow by helping our clients 'join the dots' to develop new business and sales.

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Our team

James Walters

James Walters

Commercial Director

p: +44 (0) 1926 942 028

m: +44 (0) 7500 616 509

e: jrw@thetreegroup.co.uk




James has a proven track-record of helping businesses transform and grow by applying a creative and consultative approach to sales.

Since taking his first motorsport job at Jordan Grand Prix in 1996, James had the good fortune of being head hunted by Goodridge, GPR Direct, Prodrive, Aston Martin Racing and JRM Group, which is a good reflection of his hunger for success, the high level of his work, and the trust he builds with colleagues and clients.

By working extremely well under pressure and using his extensive sales and marketing experience, including four years running his own inbound marketing agency, James has helped transform national and international companies by identifying opportunities, creating new sales and marketing strategies and building partnerships.

James is tenacious, creative, honest, loyal and competitive...


  • JRM Group, partnership manager

  • Aston Martin Racing, senior sales manager

  • Tomorrow People, inbound marketing agency, director

  • Prodrive, Subaru motorsport, european account manager

  • GPR Direct, Brembo Racing and Arai, motorcycle brand manager

  • Goodridge, Silverstone, assistant manager

  • Jordan Grand Prix, inspection and machine shop


Certifications of completion
  • Sales Certified
  • Inbound Sales Certified
  • Hubspot Sales Software Certified
  • Content Marketing Certified
  • Email Marketing Certified
  • Inbound Certified
Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Sales Director

p: +44 (0) 1926 942 029

m: +44 (0) 7780 270 425

e: sas@thetreegroup.co.uk

Steve possess a wealth of sales management experience with high value, premium motorsport brands.

30 years’ experience within the Motorsport industry, dealing with a spectrum of B to C and B to B customers.

A highly motivated and dynamic individual who thrives in a high-pressure environment with an ability to adapt to changing markets where success is only measured by results.

Steve relishes new challenges in difficult markets where freedom is given to autonomously build and maintain a fruitful client base.

Steve is resourceful, honest, dependable, and accountable...


  • JRM Group, senior sales manager

  • Prodrive, Mini RRC/WRC sales, business development manager

  • Prodrive, Subaru motorsport, car sales manager

  • SAS Motorsport, race and rally spares and support, director

  • BM Motorsport, AP Racing, Recaro, Goodridge etc, manager

  • Prodrive, Subaru GPA/GPN sales, account manager

  • BMW motorsport BTCC and ERC on event support

Inbound Sales Certified
Laura Hayward

Laura Hayward

Client Engagement

p: +44 (0) 1926 942 030

Laura handles our Inbound Leads and Inbound Companies

Monitoring when people download content from our website and our partners websites, we see this as a new lead.

Monitoring what companies visit our website and our partners websites and, if they fit the Ideal Buyer profile, researching online to find the right people to contact.

Researching each new lead and updating their record in the CRM with their details, social media profiles, and company information.

Planning multi-stage sales campaigns that run across email, social media, phone, and face to face.

Creating email templates that are then customised when sending to each lead based on the information found during research.

Creating and sending sales sequences to streamline and automate some of the sales process such as; sending a series of reminders to the sales person so they remember to regularly engage on social media or make a phone call and also to send a series of customised emails to help start a conversation with each new lead.


  • Inbound Sales Certified
  • Hubspot Sales Certified
  • Inbound Certified

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