HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales implementation


HubSpot certified partner badge darkHere at the Tree Group we use HubSpot CRM and Hubspot Sales. It's the all-in-one sales solution that helps sales teams of all sizes to grow their business by creating a human-friendly experience for sales reps and the people they’re selling to.

Our CRM implementation service will setup and customise HubSpot CRM for your business so you can manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle from Lead generation to Customer acquisition, and Client engagement.

Services we provide for CRM implementation include: Define deal stages, Create custom fields, Data migration, Ongoing audits, Build custom Views and Reports for reps and managers.

The first step is to understand the best software option for your team and the right services to customise the CRM for your business. This is done as part of our free consultation.

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HubSpot CRM connects directly to your Outlook or Gmail, it's a central place to track sales activity, and is hosted on the cloud. It’s designed to automatically track emails, responses, and phone calls without the extra work. It includes unlimited contacts, users, and storage for free, forever. The only cost you'll pay is for our implementation service or to upgrade to one of the paid HubSpot Sales packages.

Email inbox tool for Outlook or Gmail

HubSpot Sales is built on top of HubSpot CRM, and includes sales acceleration and productivity features that seamlessly integrate with your Outlook or Gmail. Automatically create contacts and log emails in the CRM. Schedule emails to send in the future. And, view all information about a contact right in your inbox such as contact and company details, deals, tasks, and contact timeline.

Pipeline management

You will spend less time doing manual data entry and more time selling with customisable deal stages to match your sales process, and a drag and drop deals dashboard.

Pipeline management

Smart notifications

watch_video Prioritise your day. Focus on your hottest leads using live notifications. Know when each person opens an email, clicks links, views documents, and views your website!

Smart notifications

Templates and Sequences

Save emails that you send over and over to create Templates and track email open, click, and reply rates to understand which emails work best across your entire sales team.


Opportunities slipping
through the cracks?

The Sequences feature automates email follow-up and reminder tasks.


Automate manual tasks = Workflows

Your sales pipeline will always be accurate and up-to-date when you use workflows for deal and task automation. Automatically assign leads to salespeople (round robin + based on criteria) or create a deal, or a task based on a criteria (ex: when lead fills out a form, create a task for sales rep to follow up).

Predictive lead scoring

You'll get a predictive lead score for each contact to help you prioritise your sales activity. HubSpot uses the most modern and predictive machine learning algorithms to analyse your CRM and industry data to determine the probability that each contact in your CRM will become a customer within 90 days.


Contact management

Add new contacts manually using a prospect’s corporate email address, or pull them straight from your inbox or form submissions.

HubSpot will automatically create an associated company record and populate details such as revenue, industry, and contact details from its database of over 20 million businesses. Less manual data entry. More selling.



watch_video Instead of bouncing emails back and forth trying to find a meeting day and time, include a URL in your emails and even on your website so people can see your availability to make it ridiculously easy for a prospect to book a meeting with you.



Live chat and Universal inbox

The universal inbox built for all sources and all teams. It brings together live chat, team email, and an easy-to-use chatbot builder to help teams communicate with prospects and customers at scale.


Calling and Call Tracking

Calling and Call Tracking

Make calls from emails in Outlook and Gmail or inside the CRM.

Just one click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone. Your calls will always come from your number and all calls are automatically logged in the CRM.

You’ll spend less time dialing, and more time selling.

Track your to-do list = Tasks

Track your to-do list = Tasks

The tasks tool in HubSpot CRM helps you keep track of your to-do list and easily access the records associated with each task. You can even build a task list to automatically move from one task to the next.


Hubspot CRM dashboard is the home of reporting. The free version gives you one dashboard with up to ten out-of-the-box drag and drop reports. Standard reporting modules include; Deal forecast, Deals Closed vs Goal, Deal snapshot, Sales pipeline, Productivity, Recent activity, Sales campaigns (Sequences), Outbound calls, Call outcomes, and Total meetings booked.

Sales Pro allows you to customise reports and the Reporting add-on allows up to 200 fully customisable reports so you can drill into areas such as; Deals by owner with deal stage, Deal stage funnel, Detailed forecasts by rep, and Engagements by rep.

Reporting to improve
Products and Services as part of Deals

Know what companies view your website = Prospects

watch_video The prospects tool allows you to see who is visiting your site. You can use the tool to help identify businesses that may be interested in your product or services. You'll see the company name, how many people from that company have been on your website and even what pages they viewed, how many times, and when they viewed those pages.

Know what companies visit your website with Hubspot CRM and Hubspot Sales by The Tree Group