Why do you specialise in motorsport and automotive?

We have over 35 years of selling into these markets. Tree Group owner Steve Smith has a proven sales and marketing track record.

We know the sales cycles, procurement teams and most importantly the buyers and decision-makers.

Through our unique network of contacts, we often hear about car build projects before they are formally announced, giving your business an advantage over your competitors.


How much do you charge?

We operate a monthly subscription fee for all our partners, and the fee varies depending on the services you require.

Ultimately we offer a bespoke service tailored to suit your needs.

If you opt to use our outsourced sales service, we charge 5% for the value of any deals created or we have been instrumental in arranging.


What is your minimum contract period?

To truly dedicate time to develop a robust sales funnel and strategy for your business, and to allow time to prove your ROI, we ask all our partners to sign an initial 12 month contract.


Are your services available to other industries outside of Automotive?

Absolutely, we are currently working with an overhead crane company offering a bespoke LinkedIn Lead Generation project with targeted lead generation.

This nurtures key, targeted players within that industry that meet the ideal buyer profile with bespoke sequenced content to progress them along the sales funnel.


What do you do that’s different from other sales agencies?

We are specialists in Motorsport, Automotive and Niche Manufacturing, so we know the market. We have a web of contacts you need to develop your business in Race, Rally, F1, WRC, WEC, Formula E ...

Book a free Zoom consultation call with Steve to find out how we can help your business.


Who’s in The Tree Group

Steve Smith Pic

Steve Smith

Sales Director

p: +44 (0) 1926 942 029

m: +44 (0) 7780 270 425

e: sas@thetreegroup.co.uk

I help purchasers and engineers in both Automotive, Motorsport, and Defence to source 3D Metal Printing, Metal additive manufacturing, Rapid prototyping, Engine management systems as well and onboard vehicle Fire Suppression Systems for Automotive, Motorsport and Defence applications.

I work directly in the sales offices of; ADDITIVA Lab, DLM Motorsports Ltd, and Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems.

You will deal directly with each of the companies, I purely source new business development with both manufacturers and dealers on a global scale.

30+ years’ experience within the Motorsport industry, dealing with a spectrum of B to C and B to B customers.

A highly motivated and dynamic individual who thrives in a high-pressure environment with an ability to adapt to changing markets where success is only measured by results.

Steve relishes new challenges in difficult markets where freedom is given to autonomously build and maintain a fruitful and rewarding client base.


  • JRM Group, senior sales manager

  • Prodrive, Mini RRC/WRC sales, business development manager

  • Prodrive, Subaru motorsport, car sales manager

  • SAS Motorsport, race and rally spares and support, director

  • BM Motorsport, AP Racing, Recaro, Goodridge etc, manager

  • Prodrive, Subaru GPA/GPN sales, account manager

  • BMW motorsport BTCC and ERC on event support



Inbound Sales Certified
Laura Hayward

Laura Hayward

Client Engagement

p: +44 (0) 1926 942 030

e: lmh@thetreegroup.co.uk

Laura handles Inbound Leads, Inbound Companies, Passive Buyers and LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

My responsibility from day one is to know and engage with your ideal buyer. I'm monitoring when they download content from our partner's websites. I engage every new lead that look perfect for our partners.

I also monitor companies that visit our partner's websites and, if they fit the Ideal Customer Profile, research online to find the right people to contact.

I research each new lead and update their record in the CRM with their details, social media profiles, and company information.

I plan multi-stage sales campaigns that run across email, social media, phone, and face to face.

I create email templates that are customised to send to each lead based on the information found during research.

I create and send sales sequences to streamline and automate the sales process such as; sending a series of reminders to the sales person so they remember to regularly engage and also to send a series of customised emails to help start a conversation with each new lead.

I'll optimise your LinkedIn profile to ensure you maximise your presence and 'search appeal'.

I'll search for buyers you haven't got time to look for that fit your Ideal Customer Profile.

I'm honest and ruthless in my lead generation activities - I will work with every partner to ensure we are constantly evolving our searches and processes to ensure we are in alignment with our partner ICPs.



  • Inbound Sales Certified
  • Hubspot Sales Certified
  • Inbound Certified

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