Are you a business owner who wants to get more out of LinkedIn - but don’t know how to or just don’t have the time to lever LinkedIn to develop business?


Here at the Tree Group we both have the know-how and time.

We work with professionals in the automotive and niche engineering sectors to improve their individual profile and develop business through:

  • Profile Optimisation - assessment of your personal and company pages
  • Identifying the profile of your ideal buyer 
  • Tailored searches to find your ideal buyers
  • Lead Lists to segment your prospects
  • Coaching on connect requests and messaging
  • Identification of LinkedIn groups to help you communicate with your ideal buyers
  • Trackable ROI via our CRM partner


We know that structured regular contact via LinkedIn with prospects will help you convert them into leads.

This is all about building relationships with the people you want to sell to and adding value to those relationships.

We can create a bespoke solution for you and your business, as we know that every business has unique goals and challenges.


Book a free Zoom consultation call with Steve here to discuss your needs.