You still need the same things

  • Lead generation
  • Customer acquisition
  • Client engagement
  • Competitive advantage


But, what you’ve always done isn’t regularly attracting new clients, and you can’t rely on word of mouth anymore...


Buyers are taking control. They're tuning out old-school marketing and sales tactics that are impersonal and interruptive. These figures speak for themselves:


  • 1.62% cold call conversion rate!
  • 200 Million numbers on the Do Not Call List
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened
  • 86% of people skip TV commercials


[video] Learn How Automotive Companies Can Survive the Future


And there might be signs that you could benefit from improving your sales and marketing performance...


  1. Just be using Outlook and Excel to manage, track, and forecast
  2. Using different systems like MailChimp, nothing is connected, and this means you can’t track ROI
  3. Sales are going well, but you’ve never spent time understanding why your Ideal customers choose you
  4. Does your sales team have a lead qualification framework to they win better customers and sales?
  5. Do you see marketing as just publicity or do you link marketing activity to your revenue goal?
  6. Do you publish content that presents your company as a‘thought leader’?
  7. Do you see your website as part of your sales team, generating leads and helping to win customers?
  8. Is your business lacking a defined and consultative sales process?
  9. Does your sales team struggle to connect with leads, respond quickly, and engage with leads at the right time?
  10. Is it easy to track and monitor all sales and marketing activity so you improve based on facts?



Follow these six steps to learn why you should change


Step 1, What is the answer? Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales is the answer


Turn your website into a magnet. Create content, optimise it for search engines and share it on social media. Then engage your prospects and customers with landing pages, calls to action, personalised email and a personalised website. That's how you market to humans. That's inbound marketing...

Learn more about Inbound and how it can grow your business...


Step 2, The Proven Methodology for Growing Your Business


In the last few years, buying behavior has changed significantly. How people communicate and what they expect from your business has changed.

The good news? The inbound methodology continues to help businesses adapt to fast-changing needs – not just with marketing, but with the entire customer experience.

With the inbound methodology and HubSpot’s software, you have an unfair advantage for growing your business and getting customers who buy more, stay with you longer, refer their friends, and become advocates of your company.

Learn more about The Four Phases of the Inbound Methodology to help grow your business...


Step 3, Turn Your Old-School Marketing Into Inbound Marketing


"Inbound sounds expensive and it’s too different. I don’t think it will work in our industry..."

Well, we specialise in Automotive and we’re actively helping our clients sell their products and services. This approach works! Lets give you some ideas.

Learn the 8 ways you can turn old-school marketing into inbound marketing...


Step 4, See how inbound marketing and sales works when you use The Tree Group + HubSpot


Sure, we know Automotive and we know how to market and sell, BUT, we take out the guesswork and use technology to be efficient and so our decisions are based on facts and data. It’s this approach that allows us to continually improve your activity to grow your business. For this reason we use the HubSpot Growth Stack for your website, sales, and marketing.

Built to complement the inbound methodology, HubSpot's all-in-one sales and marketing software is easy-to-use and helps businesses grow by attracting visitors, converting them into leads, and winning customers. HubSpot is ranked #1 by thousands of customers. 15k+ paying companies plus millions of free users in more than 90 countries use HubSpot.

Meet Bob, he owns an Automotive company and this is how he benefits from Inbound marketing...

[video] Learn How Automotive Companies Can Survive the Future


Step 5, Lets take a deeper look at how HubSpot helps to deliver inbound?


HubSpot is the all-in-one platform for your website, sales, and marketing activity. When you work with The Tree Group, experts at utilising HubSpot for Automotive companies, you'll be able to:

  1. Find and convert leads
  2. Manage and Nurture Leads
  3. Analyse and Calculate ROI


Get into the detail of what HubSpot can do for your Automotive company...


Step 6, Why do you need the right technology?


Would your company benefit from 451% increase in qualified leads, 47% larger sales, the ability to nurture people so your sales people spend more time on selling. But, you don't use technology other than Outlook and Excel and you've tried a CRM but it didn't work???

You'll find the answers in our guide to how companies can benefit from the right technology...

Not sure where to start with technology for your website, sales, and marketing?