The right technology will give you the foundations for business growth across sales, marketing, and your website.

And, you’ll be able to track ROI and have a central platform for your sales and marketing activity.

And, you can get started with all of this free of charge! - The only two caveats:

  1. We must be the ones that create your HubSpot account
  2. Not available to existing HubSpot users


You’ll benefit from HubSpot CRM (all free features here), HubSpot Sales Free (all free features here), and HubSpot Marketing Free (all free features here). To get the most from HubSpot you’ll need to use G Suite or Office365. If not, then using Outlook with an IMAP email will get you access to most of the features.

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Our process starts with a 15-minute call to get to know your business goals, then you provide us with:

  1. A list of how you categorise/segment your contacts
  2. Your contacts list using the Template that we’ll provide
  3. The stages in your sales process from new deal to won deal
  4. 5 different sales emails
  5. 5 different sales PDF documents


Then we:

  1. Schedule a follow-up 15-minute call to review the details you provided
  2. Setup a custom property to categorise your contacts
  3. Import your contacts and have HubSpot automatically setup and associate the companies
  4. Setup your sales pipeline with deal stages that match your sales process
  5. Create 5 email Templates based on your sales emails
  6. Upload 5 sales PDFs into the Documents area
  7. Setup your dashboard with a selection of helpful reports
  8. Activate HubSpot Marketing Free and setup five lead flows using your sales PDF documents


And once that’s complete:

We’ll share a video that explains how you can get setup by adding the tracking code to your website then getting setup as a user by connecting your inbox, installing the HubSpot extension, adding your email Signature and setting up Calling in HubSpot.

Then we schedule a follow-up 1-hour call to review the setup.

After that, you can continue getting free support on one of our weekly Ask the Expert sessions or by paying for one of our implementation, sales enablement, or business growth services.


Package price: £400 + vat

* cost to upgrade to a paid version of HubSpot is additional


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