As a HubSpot Certified Partner, we give in-house sales teams the tools, content, and training to improve sales, productivity, and visibility. With HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and CRM software, you can focus on generating leads and revenue and forget about managing a stack of scattered tools.

Our implementation service assumes you’ll be starting with HubSpot CRM, Marketing Free, and Sales.

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First, everybody gets access to HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales Free, yes, HubSpot give you access for free...


HubSpot CRM - The all-in-one CRM your sales team will actually use


For growing companies of any size. Set the foundation for your business with a free system to build deeper relationships with contacts, from first interaction to happy customer and beyond.


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If you don’t have HubSpot Marketing, lets also get you setup with the free version or pick from one of the paid versions. Costs to upgrade are additional and we'll consult to select the best version for your goals and budget...


1. HubSpot Marketing Free


For business owners and marketers who want to start generating website leads and tracking contact activity — for free...


2. HubSpot Marketing Starter


For developing marketers or marketing teams. Start marketing right with lead capture forms, ads, contact tracking, and email marketing — all in one place.


3. HubSpot Marketing Professional


For more experienced marketers and growing marketing teams. Run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale with automation.


4. HubSpot Marketing Enterprise


For advanced marketing teams. Run scalable inbound marketing campaigns, with sophisticated analytics and revenue reporting.


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Next, decide if any users will benefit from advanced sales features. Costs to upgrade are additional and we'll consult to select the best version for your goals and budget...


1. HubSpot Sales Starter


For sales teams. Tools to help your whole team increase productivity, shorten deal cycles, and improve close rates.


2. HubSpot Sales Professional


For advanced sales teams. The complete sales toolkit, with artificial intelligence, advanced automation, and custom reporting.


3. HubSpot Sales Enterprise


For more sophisticated sales teams. Our complete sales software package with a more robust set of features — but without the added complexity.


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Decide on your HubSpot implementation package...

Based on our experience of using HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales, we help you get setup and seeing results quickly. 

  1. First we'll ask for a 50% non-refundable payment to confirm the project
  2. Then we start with a planning session (up to 2-hours)
  3. We create your HubSpot account
  4. Customise lead status property
  5. Create up to 3 x custom properties
  6. Dashboard setup using off the shelf reports
  7. Creation of up to 5 x custom Contacts views
  8. Import your contacts, companies, and deals - you will provide this in the required format
  9. Customise Deal pipeline and stages based on your existing sales process
  10. Create up to 5 email Templates and Sequences based on your current sales emails
  11. Upload up to 5 Documents and add share links to content schedule for use in Lead flows
  12. Setup HubSpot Marketing Free with Collected forms and up to 5 x Lead flows to generate website leads
  13. Setup up to 1 message for live chat on your website
  14. Documented Business growth manual saved in your Google Team Drive - Client folder
  15. Handover session with basics of using the CRM and tools day to day from a users inbox (up to 2-hours)
  16. At this point we ask for final payment as you now have your CRM and Sales tools



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Lastly, go through our handover and onboarding sessions...

  1. Session 1: 2-hour handover with an Introduction to HubSpot CRM and Sales tools.
  2. Session 2: 30-minutes on Sequences, Calling, Meetings, and Tasks.
  3. Session 3: 30-minutes on Deals and Prospects.
  4. Session 4: 30-minutes on Contacts and Companies.
  5. Session 5: 30-minutes on Dashboards and Reports.


After your five sessions, you can continue getting support using our free 10-minute Ask the Expert sessions or through our paid Business growth, sales, marketing, and website services...

Ask us for details on pricing based on the services required.


These additional services are available:

  1. Data cleansing.
  2. Setting up HubSpot features not listed above.
  3. Additional onboarding, training, and coaching sessions.
  4. Business growth services.



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