A one-off package that gets you started on your Inbound journey. It’s also a way to see how The Tree Group works before committing to a longer term business growth programme.


Your launch plan will cover four important areas to give you the foundations for business growth:

  1. Develop a sales and marketing strategy
  2. Ideal customer research
  3. Content themes and marketing campaign ideas
  4. Create your hero and positioning statements
  5. Upload your persona to HubSpot Marketing


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First, Define your business growth vision and goal

Why? If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know how to get there? As a Certified HubSpot Partner, and specialist Business Growth Agency, we help Automotive companies to grow. We’ll work with you to define your business growth vision around a single revenue goal.


What we’ll include in your business growth vision and goal


  1. A clear vision that your team can agree on
  2. A clear goal for your Revenue team (sales and marketing):
  3. As well as a revenue goal, this should include a goal for visits, leads, and customers
  4. Current state - determine current conversion rates - using Sales Funnel Analysis
  5. Future state - The results you can expect from Inbound with HubSpot
  6. Timeline to agree major milestones like completing setup and achieving goals
  7. A target buyer based on the people that are most likely to buy from you


Part of our research will be to ask where the majority of your revenue and profit comes from and add that to the strategy. This will uncover if most Revenue and profit comes from particular customers.


Second, Ideal customer research

Why? Accelerate the sales process by better meeting the needs of your Ideal customers by researching and creating a semi-fictional representation of your Ideal customer based on facts. As a Certified HubSpot Partner, we see this step as one of the most critical. You can waste a lot of time guessing so why not take the time to understand your Ideal customers and why they purchase the products and services that you sell.


Our process for Ideal customer research


  1. Create a brief for the project
  2. Pick one persona for the research
  3. Create a questionnaire that you can send to at least 15 and 20 customers, prospects, and contacts
  4. An online workshop to review feedback to the questionnaire
  5. Creation of your Ideal customer research document


Your Ideal customer research document will include the following persona details:

  1. An overview of the persona
  2. Their ambitions, concerns, goals, and worries
  3. Requirements related to your offerings
  4. Frustrations with your service/solutions
  5. Frustrations with other providers/solutions/industry
  6. Names your persona gives to the product/service
  7. Alternative solutions to your product/service
  8. Questions they have about the product/service/industry
  9. Role of search and decision-making
  10. Information sources, influencers, and social media platforms



Third, Content themes and marketing campaign ideas

An extension of the Ideal customer research, we’ll explain the content that should be used at each stage of the buyer’s journey from Awareness (when they’re just realising they have a need), to Consideration (when they’re researching solutions), and Decision (when they’re deciding what solution to choose).


We’ll also go in detail about


  1. User journey map for the situation and their challenge; awareness, consideration, decision, delight
  2. Ideas for content to use at each stage of the Buyer’s journey
  3. Points to consider when creating content
  4. How to talk to the persona / tone
  5. Appropriate USPs and features for the persona
  6. Key messages from your company to the persona
  7. Progressive profiling suggestions for smart forms - the essential form fields to include on every landing page then the form fields to queue up to help you qualify the lead



Fourth, Create your hero and positioning statements

Why? 72% of businesses are more likely to buy from thought leaders, people or businesses that are recognised as an expert in their marketplace. You need this to make your Ideal customers love you! Also, if you know who you are and make it obvious to your Ideal customers then you’ll be seen as the leader in your space. Differentiate and specialise is the advice you’ll get from all top business consultants. If you compete only on price then business gets very difficult, but compete on specialism and you’ll be able to build a long-term business.

We’ll help you create a truly unique positioning strategy that comes from your entire team and is documented in a template that is easy to use and share with others.


Fifth, Upload your persona to HubSpot Marketing

If you have HubSpot Marketing Professional of above, we'll also upload your persona so you can track success at the level of the persona, and we'll add this property to you CRM contacts view.


Completing this activity will help you:

  1. Define your unique selling proposition (USP) to set you apart from the competition
  2. Align your core competencies with your positioning message
  3. Grow your business in the right direction by attracting the best possible fit clients


Package price (includes one persona for Ideal customer research): £2,227 + vat

If you'd like additional personas it's £700 + vat per additional persona


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