This ebook is built to help you formulate a plan whereby in ten minutes a day, you can monitor the social media information you need within a tight, streamlined strategy. Consider it the “8 Minute Abs” of social media. How can you best take advantage of the limited time you have in a day to get the best results possible? After reading this ebook, you will be able to develop your own, solid routine that works for you.

In the eBook we cover:

  1. Why Monitoring Matters

  2. Who Should Monitor

  3. Listening & Responding

  4. Setting Your Goals

  5. Prepping Your New Routine

  6. Your 10-Minute Checklist


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Why Monitoring Matters


Sometimes we forget that all those little profile avatars whizzing through our social media news feeds are actually humans. We forget that social media is meant to be just that -- social. The reason why monitoring is so important is because it puts the social back in social media for business.

Brands and individuals who publish without listening are just screaming through a megaphone with no consideration for others. You have to be sensitive to what people actually want from you or your brand, or else you might head in a direction your target audience actually doesn’t enjoy or can’t relate to.


Who Should Monitor


There’s a reason why marketing teams have historically handled monitoring social media. This team needs to think about a brand’s overall image. The brand’s tone, colours, fonts, and relationships might be pre-determined with the help of PR professionals, designers, and writers on your marketing team. Beyond brand image, Marketing needs to think about generating visits, leads, and customers on a daily basis. Growing the top of the funnel and bringing in a new audience on social media month over month helps to hit key numbers throughout the entire funnel.

However, social media doesn’t just belong to Marketing anymore. Actions that a social media manager take can seriously impact all other departments such as Sales and Support, and it’s something to keep in mind when monitoring. Marketers should collect information from social media to help create better marketing campaigns, enable sales in closing more deals, and delight customers. Social media managers on a marketing team should see themselves as the point-person for multiple departments’ different goals.


Listening & Responding


When reaching out and responding, you may find the number of mentions overwhelming. You’ve allotted ten minutes a day, which means you can’t respond to everyone, so who do you choose? The trick is to find the influencers -- folks who have the greatest potential reach and audience -- because their engagement is going to make the greatest ripples. You can determine who is an influencer by looking at the number of followers they have, the amount that they tweet, their Klout score (which rates them based on a number of social factors), and whether they’re a lead, customer, or opportunity. You can find this lead and customer information using HubSpot’s Social Inbox. 


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Setting Your Goals


Goals are great -- they help us prove how effective we are, keep us focused, and push us to be better. The thing is, though, goals are totally useless if they’re not grounded in reality. That’s why it’s critical to set SMART goals. (You’ve just learned that SMART is an acronym, but your goals should still, indeed, be “smart.”).

Make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time-bound (SMART).


Prepping Your New Routine


In order to successfully monitor social media in just 10 minutes a day, you’ll need to have some things prepared in advance. Even visiting each social network’s URL and logging in could take up to 10 minutes a day. We’ll show you a way you can limit that as much as possible by creating a daily plan upfront to help you streamline your process.

If you are considering investing in a paid tool to help aid your monitoring, there are a handful that help with social media monitoring, interacting, and marketing strategy. For example, HubSpot software includes a social media monitoring tool as a part of its complete marketing software package. The tool tracks social mentions from leads, opportunities, and customers and logs those interactions into your contacts database. The value here is not only in the ability to both monitor and react within the tool itself, but to also track how these conversations integrate with your entire marketing strategy.


Your 10-Minute Checklist


Now that you have set up a consolidated platform for monitoring your social media presence, you can implement a new habit of opening your social networks and checking your emails first thing in the morning to find relevant information.

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