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In the video we cover:

  1. Disruptive innovation

  2. Why you need to evolve

  3. And how to use an ‘Extendable Core’ to insulate your business from disruption


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Disruptive Innovation


The wikipedia definition of disruptive innovation in business is, “an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances.”

Watch the video and you'll learn how Your Automotive Company Can Survive The Latest Automotive Industry Trends.


Disruptive Innovation is all around us


We’re still at the beginning of the greatest global transformation of our lives.

Disruptors are already in Automotive. Think Electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. The way we will ‘fuel’ (or should I say ‘recharge’) our cars, how we will use service stations, how cars will be insured, are all about to change significantly. Someone somewhere is thinking of ways they can disrupt the Automotive industry.

In the video, you'll find out how to Survive The Latest Automotive Marketing Trends by Staying Relevant.


Just because your company has survived the last 100 years doesn’t mean it will survive the next 10


I often talk to business owners who say they can’t rely on word of mouth like they used to and that it’s getting harder to sell. The video covers How Your Company Can Stay Ahead of The Latest Automotive Trends. 


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Traditional marketing is being disrupted


We took a serious look at traditional marketing, and realised it was an industry being disrupted. There was no 1 event that disrupted the industry, it’s the result of humans evolving and changing their behavior. The stats below are just some of the reasons we believe in Inbound Marketing:

  • 44% of direct mail is never opened
  • 86% skip TV commercials
  • 91% unsubscribe from emails
  • 200 million say “Do Not Call”


An Extendable Core Insulates You From Disruption


One solution to protect your business from disruption is to figure out your extendable core.


In order to attract customers, you have to provide them with something they will love


In order to attract customers, you need to provide them with something that they find helpful, educational, and informative so that it’s relevant when they’re doing research and at each stage of the buyer’s journey, which typically starts with awareness (somebody starting to do research or looking for answers to their questions, problems, challenges, and goals), consideration (starting to look at solutions) and decision (shortlisting companies to talk to, being ready to talk to those companies or approaching those companies).

Inbound Marketing helps you curate an experience that your prospects and customers will find valuable.

In the video you'll find How To Stay Innovative And Improve Your Future Strategy In Automotive.


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