Using HubSpot is a core part of growing your business; however, having the tools is one thing and knowing how to use them is another. We specialise in helping Automotive companies to implement, learn, and use HubSpot. We know the fastest way for you to see a benefit from the tools. We test everything ourselves and handover what we know works to our clients. Part of HubSpot onboarding is completed directly by The Tree Group and the rest we guide you to complete.


Our HubSpot Marketing Professional Onboarding service includes:

  1. Kick off process.
  2. HubSpot technical setup.
  3. Guiding you through your first steps with HubSpot.
  4. Multiple One-to-one online sessions to coach and train you on the tools.
  5. Marketing to sales hand-off process.
  6. In total, 32 hours of activity during your first 90-days with HubSpot.


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First, Kick off process

This is all about getting to know each other as quickly as possible. We include;

  1. Setup your Client folder in Google Team Drive.
  2. Create your content schedule.
  3. Share your Ideas note in Google Keep.
  4. Weekly timesheet reminders so you know the time we have left in the onboarding package.
  5. Sales and marketing strategy questionnaire to agree priorities.
  6. Review of 28 quick win strategies to add to the plan.
  7. Review goals, plans, challenges, timeline, and expectations.
  8. Review ideal customer profile/s and persona/s.
  9. Handover items to gather during kick off meeting.
  10. Create your Business Growth Manual.
  11. Roles and responsibilities Service Level Agreement (SLA).



Second, after the kick off meeting

  1. We instruct HubSpot to start your template migration for landing pages, blog, marketing email etc.
  2. You'll receive a Content survey questionnaire to help find quick wins with content at the Bottom of the Funnel.



Third, your HubSpot technical setup

  1. Invite new users.
  2. How to get each user setup with the basic HubSpot sales tools.
  3. Connecting social media accounts.
  4. Customise settings such as timezone, connecting domains, and defining your email footer, add analytics etc.
  5. Replace existing website forms with HubSpot forms.
  6. Setup blog and notification emails.
  7. Create and launch Bottom of the Funnel offer to help with quick wins.
  8. Launch Lead flows and Messages to help with quick wins.
  9. Add additional email marketing templates ready for promotions and marketing automation.



Fourth, we guide you on your first steps with HubSpot

  1. You'll go through projects to learn about your HubSpot account and Marketing portal.
  2. Each person in sales and marketing will be required to complete relevant HubSpot Academy courses.
  3. At this point we decide the next projects to work through for our services and your activity.



Fifth, Marketing to Sales hand-off

A critical part of making a success from Inbound Sales and Marketing activity. The steps we take:

  1. Online session to understand your sales process; lead generation, team structure, sales outreach.
  2. We map out the process; lead status, lifecycle stages, and sales and marketing SLA.
  3. Then we hold an online session to walk through the process.
  4. If you'd like us to setup Workflows to automate parts of the process then this is an additional charge.
  5. If you'd like us to setup Lead flows for lead generation then this is an additional charge.
  6. Your business growth manual is updated to show the flow of activity.
  7. Online session with sales and marketing to walk through the flow of activity.
  8. We can cleanse your existing contacts with correct Lead Status and Lifecycle Stage, for an additional charge.
  9. We recommend follow-up sessions to review and refine the process, we run these at an additional charge.


An example of the follow-up sessions we recommend to review and refine the process:

  • Online session to check Contacts are being handed off to sales team.
  • Online session to check Contacts are being followed up by sales ASAP.
  • Online session to check Contacts that convert into customers are being tracked.
  • Online session to check Contacts are provided to sales with context.
  • Online session to check Sales is providing feedback on the quality of contacts.



Sixth, sessions on each HubSpot Marketing tool

Based on your activity we'll have one-to-one online sessions on the tools that you'll use day to day. We take an agile approach to these sessions to make sure you get the best coaching and support during your first 90-days with HubSpot. We start with the following list of potential sessions then agree what you need:

  1. Online session on Lists
  2. Online session on Messages (live chat) and Bots
  3. Online session on Email
  4. Online session on Social
  5. Online session on Blog
  6. Online session on Landing pages
  7. Online session on Website pages
  8. Online session on Ads
  9. Online session on CTAs
  10. Online session on Forms
  11. Online session on Lead flows
  12. Online session on Calendar
  13. Online session on Campaigns
  14. Online session on Content strategy
  15. Online session on Projects
  16. Online session on Workflows
  17. Online session on Analytics tools
  18. Online session on Dashboards
  19. Online session on Reports
  20. Online session on Settings


Package price for HubSpot Marketing Professional Onboarding: £2,450 + vat


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