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Report, Review, and Improve

Reporting isn’t just about a sheet of numbers, well in HubSpot it looks a lot nicer than that. You’ll get graphics and visuals, it’s about focusing on visits, leads, and customers then telling you the story of how that process is working. Typically, we’ll pick an important win and walk you through the story of how it happened. This helps to visualise how our Inbound approach to business growth is helping to achieve your goals. Here’s a good example of putting success into a story.

We take a continuous improvement approach to growing your business. We follow the agile approach of 1) theory, 2) action, 3) outcome, 4) learn…

HubSpot certified partner badge darkBy implementing the HubSpot Growth Stack, and as a HubSpot Certified Partner, you’ll never need to create manual reports in Excel ever again. We’ll use HubSpot CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Website to create live reports and dashboards so it’s easy for you and your team to monitor, track, and grow your company.

It’s important to use reporting in the right way for your company so we first decide what needs monitoring so it can then be reviewed and improved:

  1. Benchmarks - compare to past to spot trends
  2. Metrics - What are important
  3. How to increase visits, leads, and customers
  4. How to improve conversions


[video] Learn How Automotive Companies Can Survive the Future


Setting up your reporting dashboard

Having a reason to report enables us to setup dashboards that help you day to day and with your business growth goals. Before setting up your dashboards we’ll ask you, and others than need reporting, to complete a questionnaire so we know:

  1. What is your main job role, describe your priorities?
  2. What questions do you need answered with regards to sales, marketing, and business growth?
  3. How much time do you have to review reports?
  4. How data savvy are you from 0 = No bullshit to 10 = Geek?
  5. What metrics do you want to see on the dashboard?
  6. What don’t you want to see on the dashboard?
  7. What timeframe do you want to see, i.e. previous 30 days, 90 days, 365 days?
  8. If you could have just 3 reports, what do you want to see as a priority?


Our reporting and review process will focus on

  1. Reporting on the qualified traffic reaching your site = visitors
  2. Demonstrate persona traffic because = leads
  3. Address how well the sales-qualified leads are converting = customers
  4. Review how well you are delighting your client’s customers


And our Improve process will include

This is an open ended part of our process as the areas we improve are based on what we find and agree during our reviews. We also take an agile approach to your business growth so improvements might be recommended to your social media activity, blogging, CTAs, landing pages, lead nurturing workflows, and email marketing. Or, we might be looking closer at improving documented processes such as the sales and marketing SLA, or the Sales process and playbook. We might also be prescribing the right coaching to help your sales team with social selling, proactive prospecting, connect calls, exploratory meetings, demos, and closing.


How our Improve process can help your sales team


  1. Make it easy to focus on improving High impact activities = quickest/biggest benefit to business
  2. Improved salesperson performance
  3. Increased revenue
  4. Reduced salesperson attrition
  5. Deal support to give sales reps in the moment support, coaching, and advice


How our Improve process can help your marketing team


  1. Look at sources data to know what channels generate the best visitors, leads, and customers
  2. Improve quarterly campaigns based on those that deliver the most revenue and success
  3. Uncover what marketing actions can improve the flow of qualified leads to sales


[video] Learn How Automotive Companies Can Survive the Future


Regular catch-ups

Before each meeting, we’ll share an agenda as this helps to make the time efficient. We’ll also refer to the central documents we setup during the onboarding process such as the central ‘Actions’ document and the ‘Ideas’ note in Google Keep. We typically hold these regular catch-ups:


Weekly catch-ups


A time to review tactical activity, project progress, actions from the current week and the week ahead. These reduce over time as we get comfortable working together so allow for more time on activity and less time in meetings.


Monthly catch-ups


Once a month we switch from our weekly ‘tactical’ catch-up to ROI reporting and reviews of sales and marketing performance. We’ll work through the live reporting dashboards in HubSpot.


Quarterly strategy reviews


Once every 3 months we switch from our monthly ‘ROI’ reporting to a strategy reviews. This is to look deeper at business growth performance. We’ll go through our Account review process to:

  1. Uncover existing optimisation opportunities
  2. Leverage the sales and marketing assets that you already have
  3. Increase the ROI of your Business Growth activities


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