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Sales and Marketing Alignment

The purpose of aligning your sales and marketing activity is to grow your business through lead generation, customer acquisition, and client engagement. Companies that commit to a collaborative relationship between sales and marketing do well. In 2010, organisations with good alignment achieved 27% faster 3-year profit growth and closed 38% more deals.

Our Business Growth services for Sales and Marketing alignment include Creation of Buyer personas and Buyers journey, Agreeing on a plan for Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads, Creating a Service Level Agreement for Sales and Marketing responsibilities, and Creating a content plan.

You can read more below about these services or Request your free consultation to see if we can help.

The first step is to understand your business and plans for growth. This is done as part of our free consultation.

In our consultation, we will uncover your priorities, such as:

  1. Discovering new leads

  2. Connecting with more of your target audience

  3. Reducing time to close deals

  4. Visibility of your pipeline


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Learn more about Sales and Marketing alignment

Despite massive growth in both the sales and marketing professions, as well as efforts to align them, few organisations are actually aligned well.

Strong sales and marketing alignment drives better results, faster. Well aligned teams see 27% higher profit growth and win 38% more deals.

Watch our webinar below about Sales and Marketing alignment:

Buyer personas and Buyers journey

To research for buyer profiles and personas, we use surveys, interview customers, and use content offers.

We analyse information on your existing customers to find the customers who buy most etc and create buyer personas and buyer profiles based upon their characteristics.

Your Ideal companies and personas will also include the Buyer's journey as this will help you understand how your Ideal clients make decisions to purchase your products and services.

How to agree what marketing and sales do

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead and a Sales Qualified Lead?

Getting that agreed is part of understanding the responsibilities of your Sales and Marketing teams.

An MQL should include some background information about the interest the lead has shown in your company, such as what web pages, documents, and emails they’ve viewed, details about a Trigger event or context that sales can use when contacting the lead by email and phone, and ultimately they need to be a good fit based on your Ideal company and personas.

It’s important for Sales to quickly contact all MQLs to give them the best chance of converting the into a discussion or opportunity, which is normally helpful to see as a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

We also recommend creating a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to define the responsibilities that marketing has to attract and create MQLs and that sales has to contact MQLs and convert them in SQLs, sales, and repeat business. Having an SLA will help to focus both departments on common goals and will be helpful to review during regular meetings to make sure you’re on track or brainstorming new ideas.

[video] Learn How Automotive Companies Can Survive the Future

Building a Content Plan

The last step of Sales and Marketing is to build a content plan that supports lead generation, make sure the content that exists and any future content is clearly mapped to stages of the buyer’s journey.

Considering that Inbound marketing leads cost 61% less than cold-sourced leads. It’s important to map content to the buyer’s journey.

As Sales reps create 40% of an organisation’s content, despite the fact that most businesses think it is less than 10%, you should Collaborate on content creation.

The third step is to build nurturing campaign because Effective lead nurturing generates 50% more sales-ready leads at a third of the cost.

And lastly, develop connect strategies because using the right content at the right time can help businesses win 33% more of their Lost deals.

Building a Content Plan

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