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Hero what? And, what are positioning statements?

72% of businesses are more likely to buy from thought leaders, people or businesses that are recognised as an expert in their marketplace. You need this to make your Ideal customers love you! Also, if you know who you are and make it obvious to your Ideal customers then you’ll be seen as the leader in your space. Differentiate and specialise is the advice you’ll get from all top business consultants. If you compete only on price then business gets very difficult, but compete on specialism and you’ll be able to build a long-term business.

We’ll help you create a truly unique positioning strategy that comes from your entire team and is documented in a template that is easy to use and share with others. Completing this activity will help you:

  1. Define your unique selling proposition (USP) to set you apart from the competition
  2. Align your core competencies with your positioning message
  3. Grow your business in the right direction by attracting the best possible fit clients


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The process we work through

1. Questionnaire


We start with an internal questionnaire to gather feedback from you and your team:

  1. Assess your current positioning
  2. Define your company’s calling (the "why")
  3. Identify your company’s ideal customer (the "who")
  4. Identify your company’s core competencies (the "what")
  5. Define your company’s culture (the "how")


2. Case studies and proof


If you have case studies, we look through the details to see if we can spot trends in the benefits that your Ideal customers get from your products/services.


3. Crafting your hero statement


Then we craft your hero statement by combining feedback with your Ideal customer research based on:

We [provide this product/service/value/outcome] for [this type of company/industry/market] by [using this kind of approach] because [why].


4. And, your Positioning statements


We’ll also create a selection of Positioning statements, which are descriptions of your Ideal customers challenges followed by a question as to whether it resonates or not. These are helpful for prospecting calls and emails.


5. Validate the statements


Last, we run another internal questionnaire to validate how strong your new hero statement is.


6. Review of your website and content


Once that’s approved, we take a look at your website and content to make sure it reflects your hero statement.

Once your hero statement and brand positioning is complete, we follow the agile approach of 1) theory, 2) action, 3) outcome, 4) learn…


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