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Why technology is essential for business growth...

Getting the right technology is a cornerstone of being efficient at growing your business. Why?

  1. You need to be able to measure your results from all Revenue team (sales and marketing) activity.
  2. You and your team need visibility of all activity
  3. Reports for all to see value and know how to improve
  4. A central place for all activity so your team are aligned
  5. Allow you to automate parts of the process so you can work efficiently


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Your systems

All systems should connect seamlessly to avoid getting into a mess, consider:

  1. Email
  2. Email on mobile devices
  3. Website
  4. Email marketing
  5. Website analytics
  6. Automation
  7. Live chat
  8. CRM


All of this should be centralised into one system, your CRM, but one that’s designed for busy sales people.


What to consider when choosing the right technology


Is it easy and intuitive?


Your whole team needs to get on board. If you’re implementing a tool that is difficult to use or time consuming to learn, you’ll likely feel pushback from your busy team. Select a tool that is streamlined, intuitive, simple to use, and includes top-notch training. Be strategic about implementation so your team members won’t reject new tools.


How well does it integrate with all your systems?


It’s likely that your team already uses certain sales and marketing tools and has a framework in place. Just because you need to grow your business doesn’t mean you should bulldoze over everything that’s already been established. The right sales and marketing tool will integrate with the CRM, tools, and processes your team already use on a daily basis.


Is it scalable as your grow?


Sales and marketing teams should foster a culture of constant learning and development. As such, you need tools that will grow with you to keep ahead of the competition. Make sure to select a tool that is agile enough to offer scalable support.


Does it provide customer insights?


You need to see real-time reporting and results if you’re going to adapt your approach for maximum sales success. What’s resonating with customers? Are they engaging? What’s working and what needs adjusting? Give leads what they want and you’ll convert them to loyal customers. Plus, your sales and marketing people will never feel like they’re working in a void— they’ll be able to measure their efforts.


How about internal results?


Your sales and marketing people will not only feel empowered with more insights into leads and customers—they’ll want to measure their own performance as well. How will they challenge themselves otherwise? Quantifiable results will improve the entire sales and marketing process. Additionally, tracking internal results means top performers’ successes can be replicated across the board to benefit the entire team. Sharing is caring.


Does it improve content management?


We’ve said it before—content is king. Valuable, enriching content will drive your business and your sales and marketing teams. Without an effective content management system in place, however, you might be squandering prime opportunities for growth. Select sales and marketing tools that improve on content management through organisation, automation, scheduling, analytics, and multimedia support.


Is it mobile?


It’s no secret customers love their mobile devices. If your website and content aren’t optimised for a smartphone or tablet, they might get completely passed by. Your on-the-go sales and marketing people will surely appreciate tools that can be used on their mobile devices, too. Delivering sales and marketing communication seamlessly across devices and platforms can keep your team in the loop no matter the situation.

Credit to Sales Hub for this checklist.

[video] Learn How Automotive Companies Can Survive the Future


Then we recommend what's right for your business

HubSpot certified partner badge darkTo be honest, we’re a HubSpot Certified Partner. Why? Because for Automotive companies, it’s the best system to use as it gives you a central place to manage your sales, contacts, website, and marketing. Plus, you’ll know exactly what sales and marketing activity creates sales so you make the best decision where to invest your money.

The HubSpot Growth Stack is the right core product to grow your business. In addition, we look at complimentary technology to increase efficiency and productivity such as syncing contacts between your email address book and your CRM or automating messages to update your team on important deals.


Whilst HubSpot is the all-in-one software for Sales, Marketing, and your Website, we'll also take a look at:

A cloud syncing service for HubSpot CRM, Gmail, Outlook and other platform.

Keeping all your online logins secure, and easily shareable between people.

Online conferencing as part of your sales and marketing process.

An inbox tool to that sends you email reminders and keeps your inbox clean.

Accounting software for small businesses that we use and makes it a LOT easier to run your business.


Migrations and integrations

Want to switch to HubSpot CRM or connect other systems to HubSpot? Our migration and integrations partner will migrate the data from your current CRM or another data source using .csv or Excel files, databases, any CRM systems including Salesforce, Zoho, Base, Sugar, NetSuite, and more.

The same goes for integrations. We work directly with a number of 3rd party providers to help you Store your passwords securely, Synchronise contacts between systems, and if something more bespoke is needed then our integration partner has experience working with many systems including NetSuite, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zoho CRM, and many others. They’re also partners with integration software vendors and can integrate cloud, on-premise, or file-based data.


Training for the team

Once all systems are setup, getting your team onboard with the CRM, Sales, and Marketing tools is an important part of getting the most value from HubSpot such as using HubSpot Academy courses or the HubSpot Sales Training Kit for Sales Managers.


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