Why invest in lead nurturing? 

  1. 451% increase in qualified leads when businesses use lead nurturing
  2. 47% larger purchases made by nurtured leads vs non-nurtured leads

Lead nurturing is about moving leads down the funnel, surfacing qualified demand, and educating your leads, prospects, and customers. Done right, lead nurturing is personal, helpful, and human, and can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Learn more about your contacts when they’re just researching by giving them multiple options to choose.
  2. When leads have been educated and nurtured, notify your sales team to call the new sales-ready lead.
  3. Send personalised emails when your contacts fill out different forms on your website.
  4. Personalise your website for each contact based on their interests, source, and pages viewed on your website.
  5. Use email marketing to re-engage with contacts that haven't visited your website in a while.
  6. Re-engage with customers that haven't purchased recently or where deals have been lost.


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Why automate manual tasks?

Through workflows you can ensure you are nurturing your leads with the right message, at the right time, and from the right contact, helping achieve your goals efficiently.

  1. Behavioural based workflows to different types of leads, such as Hand Raisers who want to speak to sales but haven’t yet been nurtured, ensure leads with the strongest intent are surfaced quickly.
  2. Personalisation allows you to send workflows ‘from each salesperson’ and ensure prospects and customers have a consistent conversation.
  3. Notify salespeople of the best fit leads, at the right time.



Why make it easy for people to book meetings?

With meetings, you give prospects and customers an easy way to book time in your calendar without the back and forth. Meetings syncs to your Google or Office 365 calendar, so prospects and customers can always see your most up-to-date availability.

Send group meeting links to allow prospects and customers to book time with more than one person in your business. Embed meeting links on your site, and now meeting scheduling is convenient (and headache-free) for all.

  1. Ensure all your sales teams are set up to use meetings - This is a great way to generate sales.
  2. Include ‘book meetings’ as part of our ‘from salesperson’ emails and in their email signatures.
  3. Set meeting goals, instead of form based goals.
  4. When a salesperson is not assigned, set up a round robin meeting link so prospects and customers can book a meeting with a salesperson whose availability works best for their schedule.



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Why have live chat on your website?

Messages is the live chat tool built specifically for sales teams. With messages you can chat with site visitors in real time, when they’re most engaged so your sales team can build better relationships and close more deals. Make chat conversations a natural part of your sales process. Conversations are automatically synced to the contact’s timeline in HubSpot CRM so following up is a breeze.

  1. Engage site visitors in real time, when they are most responsive
  2. Capture all conversations as part of the contact record history in HubSpot CRM to inform any future interaction
  3. Connect conversations directly to the salesperson who owns the account



Why (the right) CRM?

Using a (the right) CRM will enable you to give faster, more personalised attention to your customers.


If you’re just using spreadsheets, pen, and paper - How do you track anything?


75% of sales managers say that using a (the right) CRM helps to drive and increase sales.


Only 57% of sales reps log all of their calls…


This means, you have no way to monitor and improve.


When a company engages a customer using a (the right) CRM, that customer is likely to spend…


… 20-40% more the next time they buy from that company.


However, not all CRMs are created equal and most are terrible/difficult to use or a waste of time!


20% time spent on manual work such as logging information in a CRM = 1 day each week!!!


So, finding the right CRM is critical to success...



Have you said this before: "CRMs sound nice in theory but my sales team will never use it..."


THe HubSpot CRM automatically logs emails, calls, meetings, document views, notes and more in a tidy timeline.

  1. Organise every detail about your prospects and customers, using robust automation and management tools suitable for a one-man band or 200+ sales team.
  2. Save your salespeople time and help them work smarter with productivity tools like meetings, templates, sequences, and a give them all of this live in their Gmail and Outlook inbox.
  3. Leverage the power of machine learning to surface the best leads to your sales team with predictive lead scoring.



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