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Can I use LinkedIn to generate leads?

Here at the Tree Group we  help owners of small to medium businesses in the automotive and niche manufacturing industries with lead generation and sales.


There are only so many ways to reach prospects and LinkedIn is an essential one.

LinkedIn is a key tool you should be using as an additional channel for generating leads. Here at the Tree Group we advise our partners to use LinkedIn for a number of reasons:


  • Increase your visibility to potential customers
  • Help you and your business to be seen as an industry thought leader
  • Provide value to buyers not yet ready to buy
  • Search for good-fit prospects
  • Focus on those prospects that could convert into a lead


How can LinkedIn help me to generate leads?

We tailor all our LinkedIn services to your specific needs. You can pick and choose which you need:

  • Profile Optimisation (for both personal and business pages) to increase credibility
  • Identify the profile of your ideal buyer 
  • Tailor searches to find your ideal buyers
  • Create Lead Lists to segment your prospects
  • Coach on best-practices for connect requests and messaging
  • Identify of LinkedIn groups to help you build value-based relationships with your ideal buyers


Isn’t using LinkedIn to sell like cold-calling?

Never sell immediately, or be too pushy. Think Inbound. Use LinkedIn to get your potential buyers to find you and see your value. 

As a start, comment on the content your prospects are posting. If they ask a question, or ask for a recommendation, try and provide a useful answer. Provide value to your relationship before heading into a sales pitch.

Mention something they or the company they work for has done recently (e.g. a new win, investment in new technology, opening of a new office, etc) and then see if they are having a problem that you can solve.

Ask questions and interact on LinkedIn before cold pitching. Know exactly what challenges they face and how your product or offering can help them.


I can do this myself, why do I need the Tree Group?

Developing your LinkedIn presence takes know-how and time. Maybe you have the know-how, but not the time to dedicate to it. Maybe you just don’t have the know-how.

We also know LinkedIn has undisclosed rules regarding connecting and messaging. Do you?


Book an exploratory call with Steve so we can discuss how we can help you with LinkedIn to grow your business.



About the author

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Laura handles our Inbound Leads and Inbound Companies. Monitoring when people download content from our website and our partners websites, we see this as a new lead. Monitoring what companies visit our website and our partners websites and, if they fit the Ideal Buyer profile, researching online to find the right people to contact.