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Case Study - How we won new business for a Tree Group partner using content

Here at the Tree Group we  help owners of small to medium businesses in the automotive and niche manufacturing industries with lead generation and sales.


We talk to our partners all the time about content and how we use it to connect with and nurture leads.
Two responses we always hear - 'We don't have any content" or "We don't have the time to create content".
To the first response, yes you do and we can help you create it.
To the second response, you should make the time. 
And our new case study shows exactly why...
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Book an exploratory call with Steve so we can discuss how we can help you with content creation and content planning, helping you to grow your business.


About the author

Picture of Laura Hayward

Laura handles our Inbound Leads and Inbound Companies. Monitoring when people download content from our website and our partners websites, we see this as a new lead. Monitoring what companies visit our website and our partners websites and, if they fit the Ideal Buyer profile, researching online to find the right people to contact.