Making Your CRM Work For You

How the sales landscape has been changed by COVID

Would you like to know more about our new fixed cost sales starter package?

Case Study - How we won new business for a Tree Group partner using content

What is the new normal?

Now is the perfect time to write content

Can I use LinkedIn to generate leads?

Why you should be telling home truths to your clients

Do you know your buyer?

Trade Shows: Are They Really Worth It?

Win or Bin? How to stop your emails going straight to trash

Here at the Tree Group we don't adopt an outbound, scatter-gun approach to sales. We simply don't spam strangers with emails that offer nothing to them.

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Case Study: How we helped BTB Exhausts with lead generation and sales

Who are BTB Exhausts?

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Why do companies bother with newsletters anymore?

It’s so old school, right? There are so many other channels to communicate with your customers with that deliver immediate feedback - tweets, blogs, posts, etc.

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Say Hello to Emily

We have a new member of the team so here's an email to welcome Emily to The Tree Group. Join the #SalesSuperleague. Over to Emily...

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[careers] Becoming a Marketing assistant at The Tree Group

Our Business Growth Agency is built on the foundation of long-term relationships, trust, honesty, hard work, and enjoyment. That is the approach we apply to how we work with our partners, suppliers, contacts, and members of our team.

We use HubSpot as our central sales, marketing, and website platform because we take an inbound approach to marketing to match the way people buy today. To work with us you need to be metrics driven, curious about new ways of working, all about attention to detail, and always want to find ways to improve individually and as a team.

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[careers] Becoming a Business Development Representative at The Tree Group

We take an inbound approach to sales to match the way people buy today. We're not a hard sell agency. We prioritise quality over quantity. We focus on companies that match an Ideal customer profile then follow a proven sales process that starts with a Connect call to new leads, qualify suitable leads at the Explore stage and progress only the best fit leads to Meetings, Present, and Close. As a salesperson for The Tree Group, you’re all about finding the right leads and helping them with their challenges and goals. You’re applying a modern approach to a traditional industry, Automotive.

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Chapter 2 of The Tree Group

Today is my first 'official' day in our new office. Great location at 40 High Street, Pershore. Why did we move? Well, at the end of 2016 we decided to employ three new people, move into a converted railway arch in Leamington Spa, and grow to 10 partners on our full service Business Growth subscription as well as additional clients on ad hoc sales, marketing, and website projects. Last year didn't really turn out how we planned and we were sprinting before we could walk so we decided to take a step back at the end of last year and tweak what wasn't working.

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4 Sales and Marketing rules that the best Automotive and Motorsport businesses follow

The best businesses are following simple practices that make them the best, are you? Don’t let opportunities slip through the cracks...

Here’s our video with all the steps needed to align sales and marketing with tips on how the most successful companies do it (you can also download the slides here):

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I just deleted 3,000 automotive sales contacts… And it felt great!!!

As a sales agency, we’re one year and one month old and I’m on a mission of quality over quantity. The first step was a big cleanse of our CRM. It took two days but I’ve removed 3,000 contacts. Why?

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How to Track Every Sales Attempt - Part 12 of 12

In this series we will show you how you can be the best sales team in eleven actionable steps. This week we will look at how you can use Hubspot's Templates, Sequences and CRM to track every sales attempt.

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