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Case Study: How we helped BTB Exhausts with lead generation and sales

Who are BTB Exhausts?

BTB Exhausts have been providing bespoke and niche exhaust engineering solutions for over 35 years.

Through the dedicated application of their knowledge of the science of exhaust technology combined with decades of practical engineering experience, they supply engineering solutions to automotive OEMs, motorsport teams and historic car preparers.

The Tree Group helped BTB grow their business by doing what we do best: lead generation, providing insider knowledge to imminent niche motorsport and automotive projects most suitable for BTB and ultimately, sales.


Our impact

Joe Ellis, BTB's Managing Director explains the impact the Tree Group had on his business:

"BTB used the Tree Group for 3 years to develop new sales leads and opportunities in the Motorsport and Vehicle Engineering sector.

This was part of BTB’s 5 year growth plan and to establish if there were previously untapped areas of the industry that could yield profitable business.

During this time the Tree Group combined their experience of the market and traditional selling skills with a range of new “digital marketing” techniques.

BTB were always kept abreast of their progress with regular face-to-face meetings and encouraged to use the CRM that was adopted as part of BTB’s day-to-day communications with their customer base. 

As a direct result of Tree Group’s efforts BTB re-engaged with a large motorsport customer, with an on-going order for multiple exhaust systems that has boosted BTB’s production volume significantly compared with when they started. 

Other customer relationships have similarly benefitted from Tree Group’s professionalism and persistence in sales development."


Why work with the Tree Group?

Here at the Tree Group, we know our automotive and motorsport customers inside out. We research on behalf of our clients their ideal buyers. We have a unique web of contacts based on years of working in these industries to connect and engage with those buyers. 

We simply have a little black book of contacts others are envious of.

Need to grow your automotive and motorsport sales without employing an expensive salesperson with all the overheads that go with them?


Book an exploratory call with Steve who can discuss how we can help you to grow your business potential.

About the author

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Laura handles our Inbound Leads and Inbound Companies. Monitoring when people download content from our website and our partners websites, we see this as a new lead. Monitoring what companies visit our website and our partners websites and, if they fit the Ideal Buyer profile, researching online to find the right people to contact.