Case Study: How we helped BTB Exhausts with lead generation and sales

Who are BTB Exhausts?

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Why do companies bother with newsletters anymore?

It’s so old school, right? There are so many other channels to communicate with your customers with that deliver immediate feedback - tweets, blogs, posts, etc.

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Reporting requirements - GDPR-friendly Ideas for Automotive companies Part 5

In the last post in this series we looked at 'synchronising data between your systems'. This time I'm looking at reporting requirements and what you should consider saying to the people whose data you already have stored in your systems in a GDPR-friendly way.

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What it takes to sell to a Formula One team...

If you’re in Automotive and have a product or service to sell to vehicle manufacturers or parts distributors then you’re in a highly-competitive industry. If you want to go one step further and get into the supply chain of Formula One then you’ll find business development, sales, and account management to be even more challenging.

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Times, They are Changing: Get Serious About Your Business Growth

Headlines are increasingly pessimistic for the automotive industry in the UK. Predictions of a decline beginning in 2018 has many sitting on edge. And, for good reason. This means things are going to be a little tougher for a while. So, how are you going to weather the coming storm?

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Enabling you to sell to the Modern B2B Buyer - Part 1 of 12

Sales teams need to change. Enabling your sales team with modern and easy to use tools will help you to improve sales and productivity. This series is about selling in a new way and in the way that makes your Ideal customers want to buy. 

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Use PDFs to Get in front of prospects faster than ever before

In this blog we will teach you the best way to capture potential buyers much earlier by using PDF documents on your website. Use the methods that your competitors haven't yet heard of to get in front of your customers first.

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Stop Wasting Prospects Time

When your prospects and customers are booking meetings, it's not about you, it's about them! So why not make it as easy as possible? With Hubspot's meetings function, they can pick a day and time that's best suited for their needs. Happy Prospect = Happy Salesperson

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Know about Inbound Sales? It’s made for the Modern Buyer in Automotive and Motorsport

As part of our series on ‘The Modern Sales Process’, we’re looking at what successful sales teams do when selling to the Modern Buyer...

So, how many of you have some kind of documented sales process or methodology your sales team follows?

We use the Inbound Sales methodology as it is designed for selling to the Modern Buyer.

We’re a HubSpot Sales Partner, so I’m going to showcase how we use their sales

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