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Stop Wasting Prospects Time

When your prospects and customers are booking meetings, it's not about you, it's about them! So why not make it as easy as possible? With Hubspot's meetings function, they can pick a day and time that's best suited for their needs. Happy Prospect = Happy Salesperson

Hi and welcome back to our How To series. This time we're looking at how to easily book meetings and stop bouncing emails back and forth. The screenshot below shows one of our pages and this is where we want to be getting enquiries about CRM implementation.

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So typically companies will include forms or in a very basic fashion might include a phone number or email address, what we do is use the hubspot CRM meetings feature that is synced directly with our calendar, it's synced either with Google Calendar or Outlook calendar.


Stop Wasting Prospects Time

When a prospect wants to book a meeting they can see when I'm available. Say they choose Monday the 23th and they can then see what times I'm available, but it's not really about me it's about them, so we want them to choose a time that is best suited for their schedule. From here the prospect will fill in their details and choose how they want to speak, so we can either have a meeting online or on the phone, again making it the decision of the prospect so that they can do what works best for them.

Stop Wasting Prospects Time

The prospect is then going to get an email notification to confirm the meeting has been booked. That meeting goes directly into my calendar and the email i will get shows I've been booked by this person and on the email I can see all their details and i have the option to jump straight into the CRM and check more details or i can see how it's been put into my calendar. As you can see in the screenshot below. it's been added directly into my calendar, it's set up my notifications, I've got all the details and I know all information about this person and that they want to talk online and screenshare.

Stop Wasting Prospects Time

How did we actually get this set up in the first place? Well, it's all set up through Hubspot CRM and what's great is that you can choose when you want to be shown as available and because it's connected live into your calendar, if another meeting is booked outside of the system then it's just not going to show you as available because it's looking live at your own calendar.

Let's look at how this is setup in Hubspot CRM

As you can see below, we've got quite a list of meeting options because I want lots of different options to get meetings with people either directly through my website or through one to one emails at different stages of the sales process or maybe I want to share a link on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. All of the different options are configured, my default is a 30 minute call, and you can structure that meeting however you want so you can change the default name, you can set any location, and you can customise the details and description. As we use Google Hangouts for online meetings, I've inserted my unique URL for Google Hangouts.

Stop Wasting Prospects Time

I can set the duration of the meeting to whatever length i like, I can also use my default availability which i've set up separately or I can use custom availability. I can choose which days and which times, meaning i can have different availability every day or I can only be available one day a week, whatever is best for me. For this type of meeting I choose the form fields to include first name, last name, and email as standard on all of them as a minimum requirement, and the rest I can have based on the information I want to know know. Where it gets really interesting is you can set a notice period so this one, because I want it to generate quick enquiries, I've got a short notice period but I could make the minimum time seven days before I can be booked or I can make it even less, maybe if I was running a support desk.

I can make sure there's a buffer either side of every meeting as well so I'm not rushing from one meeting to the next. You could even set the buffer as one hour if you're travelling to face-to-face meetings and you can use the one hour buffer so you have time to get to your next meeting. Then you can choose how far in the future you want people to be able to book me such as only this week or up to 11 weeks in the future. Once I’ve saved the meeting in Hubspot CRM, I can share the link in messages so people can book me, or I can get the embed code and put the booking app on my website.

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