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What is your sales process, once you get a lead, referral or a call?

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  • Seriously, what's your first action?

Many small and medium size companies do not have a basic sales process or even a CRM in play...


And by the way, why do we need a sales process? Surely they just want to buy now... below are some of the reasons why you need a basic sales process and CRM structure in place, stand back a bit and avoid confusing or losing the customer.


Research the lead, who are they and what is their job role, decision maker?

Don't miss a step, don't go directly to sale, unless of course they just want to buy... but mostly they are reaching out around your product and your available services and by completely exploring further their needs before going straight in... Maybe you will upsell them more of an overall service package than just a one off sale...


Here's some key things to consider and explore: Do you know your buyer?

  • What is their Job role and what company do they work at
  • What are they trying to secure/achieve, listen and spend some time exploring their needs..
  • Do they have the direct authority to buy?
  • What is their timeline
  • Do they have a target cost in mind?
  • Are they researching another solution and if so, ask what?
  • How did they find out about you/your company, ask them, great intel for later..
  • Have they completely understood your offerings and services, always recap before you close the call or meeting, your offer as well as your next steps.. This is key!
  • Place them into your CRM, enrich their contact details and set a task to follow up after a few working days to ensure they have no further questions, and of course understand when they are ready to buy, you may find this can take weeks and months, but by having a CRM with date set tasks, you won't miss any opportunities moving forward..
  • Ps, once you have a CRM like HubSpot for example, a free service with the software to send a monthly newsletter is a great way to reach out to all of your leads with good related content they will enjoy, again another great way to connect...


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