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Do you know your buyer?

Are you the owner of a small to medium business in the automotive or manufacturing industry?


Do you know the profile of your typical buyer? Do you know how / where they go to research solutions to a problem and how they tend to buy? Do you know when they buy? Do you know what will stop a buyer from selecting you and choosing another supplier?

Buyers in today’s marketplace have many priorities - price, lead time, quality and trust. 

Every buyer is different and every buyer is human. Every buyer has one constraining factor - time. They probably have a list of projects on their desk in the morning they have to send out for a quote. They want to deal with contacts and companies who know them, what they are talking about and who won’t waste their time. 

They want to deal with suppliers who they trust and who are subject matter experts.

The lowest price won’t always get the deal. 

So how do you distinguish your company from every other RFQ?

First, build a relationship with your buyer:
  • Help them
  • Be honest
  • Make your quote simple
  • Offer alternative pricing based on quantity, finish quality, delivery time
  • Open up a clear communication channel if the buyer has queries

Our company keeps losing deals, what am I doing wrong?

  • Have you spent time with the buyer?
  • What are their problems / challenges?
  • Have you asked them why you keep losing deals? Have you responded to the feedback?
  • Have you asked yourself if this is the right market for your product?

We keep winning deals, why?

  • You have spent time building a relationship with your buyer. They know and trust you. This means you are open about your manufacturing capabilities and problems when they arise
  • You understand the constraints they are working under
  • They understand the constraints you are working under

Knowledge is power

Here at the Tree Group, we know our automotive or manufacturing customers inside out. We research on behalf of our clients their ideal buyers. We have a unique web of contacts based on years of working in these industries to connect and engage with those buyers. 

We simply have a little black book of contacts others are envious of.

Need to grow your automotive and motorsport sales without employing an expensive salesperson with all the overheads that go with them?

Book an exploratory call with Steve who can discuss how we can help you to grow your business potential.


About the author

Picture of Laura Hayward

Laura handles our Inbound Leads and Inbound Companies. Monitoring when people download content from our website and our partners websites, we see this as a new lead. Monitoring what companies visit our website and our partners websites and, if they fit the Ideal Buyer profile, researching online to find the right people to contact.