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Today is my first 'official' day in our new office. Great location at 40 High Street, Pershore. Why did we move? Well, at the end of 2016 we decided to employ three new people, move into a converted railway arch in Leamington Spa, and grow to 10 partners on our full service Business Growth subscription as well as additional clients on ad hoc sales, marketing, and website projects. Last year didn't really turn out how we planned and we were sprinting before we could walk so we decided to take a step back at the end of last year and tweak what wasn't working.


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Two years can seem like a long time, especially when I'm typically impatient and want everything to be perfect. What we forgot about was getting the business to a place where we actually enjoy the work day to day. Constantly trying to grow made me forget all the good things we'd achieved as I was always focused on the next thing.

So, the move to Pershore is the result of taking a good look at the business and ultimately what Steve and I want, what we enjoy, and what we're good at.

As well as a move to the new office I also moved house and, most importantly, took a step back and realised we have some excellent partners, we're really getting into our rhythm, perfecting how we work and seeing great results with the growth of our partners. Constantly trying to win new customers is hard and you have to expect a lot of "no's" especially when we're approach people with something that is very different to the normal, being a Business Growth Agency. So, taking a step back, spending more time on the clients we already have, focusing on perfecting what we do, and getting to the stage of enjoying the work and being happy with the results, that is the reason we ended up moving to a new office.

We like to say we take an agile approach to Business Growth and it's been important to practice what we preach. And, that's the reason I started this post with 'Chapter 2' because it's important to be able to change. Change is something that a lot of people struggle with but making change is the only way to build a stable company, adapt to the market, and find a way to enjoy what you do.


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James Walters is the Commercial director at The Tree Group, a Business Growth agency that helps Automotive companies with at least 10 staff and a desire to grow by 15% in the next 18-months.