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How to Plan the Sales Process

Here’s part 1 of our article on the Sales Process, where we are looking at How to Plan the Sales Process. Join the #SalesSuperleague.

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So what is a Sales Process?


A sales process is a repeatable set of steps that guides a prospect from early stages to a closed customer and then onto retaining and upselling to existing customers. It gives your sales people a specific guide to follow so they can consistently win new and repeat business.


Still confused?

There are tons of different guides, diagrams and methods online that define a sales process. The Tree Group can help break it down for you and make it easy to get your automotive company started on an easy to follow sales process.

At The Tree Group we focus on the Inbound Sales Methodology. We want to attract buyers with relevant and tailor made content that’s specific for them. It’s important to understand that buyers are now in the driving seat and it’s vital that your sales people know what your prospects and customers are looking for. By gently guiding them through a structured Sales process you will increase the chance of turning prospects into customers and customers into repeat business.




What to Look for to Create your Sales Process


Previous Deals: Lost and Won

It’s vital to understand where you are succeeding and where you are failing in order to achieve an effective sales process.



Which content has been successful at each stage of the buyer’s journey?


Facilitate the Swop

How can you make it easy for prospects to leave their current supplier and move to you? If you can give them confidence and make this process hassle free they are much more likely to consider the change.


Existing Customers

What do your existing customers buy from you? You have a whole database of contacts (if not then consider using a CRM like HubSpot). Are there any opportunities to upsell or cross sell between them?

You also need to be turning your current customers into repeat customers and then promoters of your business, i.e. evangelists or advocates. Make them thrilled and excited by the service they have had from you and they will become your biggest advocates. Is there also an opportunity there for case studies and testimonials? Nothing sells your products or services like happy customers shouting from the rooftops.


What Problems Tend to Arise?

You will need to look at each step and see where there can be improvements. For instance, when will a salesperson call someone who has downloaded an ebook? What issues are preventing a close? Should marketing and sales meet to discuss conversion rates?


So What’s the Next Step?


After taking a look into how to plan the sales process, you need to make sure you follow these 5 steps to make it as effective as possible.


To learn more about the Sales Process, start with How The Tree Group can Help with your Sales Process.


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