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HubSpot's Inbound Mastery Bootcamp

In this series on How Automotive companies can use HubSpot I look at the different website, sales, marketing, and service tools and how we use them to help our Automotive clients grow. HubSpot is currently offering a FREE Inbound Mastery Bootcamp. Read below to see what you can learn and whether you are eligible. Join the #SalesSuperleague.

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What is the Inbound Mastery Bootcamp?


As an Automotive company do you sometimes feel out of depth with all the new techniques and tools being used to increase sales? Fear not! The lovely HubSpot team have designed a FREE course that will make you an inbound marketing master! The course is aimed at marketers and account managers who want to deepen their Inbound knowledge. HubSpot will share tips, best practises, trends and cover the basics of Inbound Marketing over 4 one-hour long sessions.


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Here's what you will learn:


  1. To understand Topic Clusters and use this to create a successful content marketing plan.
  2. To use contact management in HubSpot to get the most from your database.
  3. How to run effective lead nurturing tactics.
  4. To analyse your HubSpot portal and prioritise your next successful Inbound campaign.


Who is the course for?


The course is aimed at marketers who want to broaden and further understand inbound marketing. Your Automotive company can take advantage of this to enrol new marketers who want to learn how to use HubSpot, account managers, or as a business owner managing HubSpot as a refresher course.

Exercises completed both during and after the course will help you implement the techniques you have learnt straight away so you will quickly see results. It's therefore vital that you can dedicate 2-3 hours a week to both attend the sessions and complete the exercises.


How to be eligible?


  1. You need to be looking to boost your inbound efforts and results.
  2. You must want to learn the techniques.
  3. You must commit to all sessions.
  4. You must commit to spending an extra 2 hours a week to apply the learning and complete the follow-up actions.


If this course sounds like something you, or someone in your Automotive business might benefit from, click on the link below to apply. All you need is Zoom teleconference software which is also free! Its win win!


Click here to apply now!


Learn more about HubSpot Inbound Marketing, start with this Free Checklist: How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign.


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Get Your Free Checklist: How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

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