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Sending just 10 emails could be wasting TWO HOURS a day! If you are in Automotive then read this...

Small tasks add up. Sending just 10 emails per day, logging the activity, and setting a reminder to follow up can waste two hours a day. There’s a much better solution...

First, let's stop to consider why you’d want to improve sales and efficiency, especially if you already have too many sales…

If you need to increase sales or if you already have more sales than you can handle, becoming more efficient is something everybody wants. You’ll be able to spend more time on your business, keeping clients happy, and staying ahead of your competition.


Are you wasting TWO HOURS every day on sales tasks?

A lot of small tasks add up (big thank you to Michael Pici for the following stats):

  1. Writing the same email over and over (10 minutes per email)

  2. Setting up a reminder to follow up or complete a task (1 minute per task)

  3. Logging that you sent an email or had a call and what it was about (5 minutes per email or call)

If you send 10 emails a day… that’s already 100 minutes spent writing emails!

Add another two minutes per email to log the email in your CRM and set a reminder to follow up.

That adds up to 120 minutes - TWO HOURS - you’re wasting every day!!!

Imagine getting that time back

Imagine getting two hours extra every day without having to work more hours. It’s time you can spend improving your business, managing staff, and selling to clients.

There’s a solution but maybe you’re not looking

As we specialise in sales in Automotive, we’ve run interviews and surveys and a lot of the time, business owners and sales leaders, aren’t looking for a solution, because they don’t know any exist. I know, because I was that person back when I was working in Motorsport Sales at Prodrive in 2006 to 2008 and the same when I was at Aston Martin Racing in 2012 to 2013. It was only when I went outside of Automotive, bought a design agency and worked to turn it into an Inbound Market company that I discovered technology. I worked at the agency for four years and coming back into Automotive made me see things VERY differently.

Now, imagine this:

  1. Creating customisable templates out of your most-written emails

  2. Setting a reminder to send a follow up email simply by ticking a checkbox

  3. Having follow up emails automatically sent without you even needing to be in the office

This is how we’re good at what we do.

Salespeople in Automotive are typically traditional. That’s a fact. We combine technology with a black book of contacts approach and social selling to make sure we don’t waste TWO HOURS per day on boring manual tasks.

We use Hubspot CRM and Sales Pro to give us the right tools to be efficient at selling and be able to monitor performance. It’s no longer about guessing or personal preference. We’ve got data to tell us what emails, documents, and calls, actually create sales.

A continuous improvement approach is something very familiar to people in manufacturing. We apply that same approach to the sales office.

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James Walters is the Commercial director at The Tree Group, a sales agency that helps companies sell into Automotive, Motorsport, and Defence. He has worked with leading motorsport brands including Brembo, Prodrive, Aston Martin Racing, Nissan Motorsport International (NISMO), Hella, AP Racing, Arai, and Simpson.