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Are you using an outdated method of selling to the modern buyer in Automotive?

If you aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s likely that your selling method is outdated. Here’s how you can tell.

If your sales team are doing any of these things, their selling method is most likely outdated, and they need to change it in order to appeal to, and sell to, the modern buyer!


Cold Calling?
Are they cold calling and leaving cold voicemails? Prospecting has changed… fewer people have phones on their desks and every phone now has caller ID. Cold calling is now an outdated sales method, and most people just hang up on cold callers, so you need to reinvent!

Email Blasts?
Are they relying on mass emails? I know personally my inbox is filled with mass emails I delete without opening, and it’s likely some of your sales team’s emails are being ignored, too. If your name isn’t familiar with someone, the chances are they won’t read emails from you. 

Trade Shows?
Is your sales team attending trade shows as a way to meet new prospects and gain new leads? Ask yourself, how many of the hundreds or thousands of people at trade shows can your sales reps actually meet and engage in productive/qualifying conversations? There are new, more efficient ways to network! 

Generic Presentations?
Is your sales team giving the same generic presentations over and over? Chances are, people are bored. Your sales team are probably even bored and sick of seeing the same presentation. Switch it up a bit!

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James Walters is the Commercial director at The Tree Group, a sales agency that helps companies sell into Automotive, Motorsport, and Defence. He has worked with leading motorsport brands including Brembo, Prodrive, Aston Martin Racing, Nissan Motorsport International (NISMO), Hella, AP Racing, Arai, and Simpson.