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Here is the new method of selling to the modern buyer in Automotive and Motorsport

If your selling method is tired, you need to update! Here’s a few tips on how to create a selling method that appeals to the modern buyer and brings in better results

If you read our last blog post, you might’ve realised that your selling method is a little bit outdated, and maybe isn’t bringing in great results anymore like it used to. Don’t worry, we get it. Here’s a few tips to update your selling method and bring in better results with the modern buyer.

The new method of selling to the modern buyer


Identify your buyer
The easiest way to identify who your ideal buyers are is to set up workflows that will alert sales when a stranger has visited your website, filled out a form, or opened an email. This doesn’t completely replace your current sales strategy. For example, I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t research and create a target accounts list. You should be pro-active. But, with an inbound sales strategy, content should be used as a conversation point and should be leveraged to increase your connect rate with these target accounts.

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Connect with your buyer
You have identified leads, so now you know your potential buyers. Find out what blogs they are reading, what LinkedIn groups they belong to, what thought leaders they are following on Twitter. Retweet, guest blog… anything to position yourself as a thought leader in the space. When connecting with the buyer, always lead with a message personalised to the buyer. You can refer to the buyer’s industry, role, interests, common connections, etc. 

Explore your buyer’s interest
Next is the explore phase, you want to leverage initial buyer interest to develop additional trust and uncover deep buyer goals through exploratory conversation. You will have to create exploratory call guides based on your personas for your sales team to leverage, and once you do, they can use the guides during their explore phase. This phase is used to determine whether this person is a good fit or a bad fit customer. 

Be the trusted advisor
During this phase of the inbound sales methodology, you need to tailor your assets to the buyer’s persona and leverage all of the information you have gathered from the exploratory call. This means tailoring presentations that align product value with the buyer’s needs, and using terminology the buyer knows and can relate to, or conducting a product demo that illustrates 3 features important to the buyer, in order of importance to him or her.

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