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How to Make it Easy to Book Meetings with Your Prospects and Customers - Part 8 of 12

In this series we will show you how you can be the best sales team in eleven actionable steps. This week we will look at the Hubspot Meetings App. This is a link that you can send in your emails and show on your website to make it really easy for people to book meetings with you. Join us next week for part eight on how to Monitor, Track, and Improve Sales Activity...

Use Hubspot CRM/Sales to:

  • Share a 'Meetings App'  link in your emails and on your website 

  • Make it easy to book meetings

  • Stop bouncing emails back and forth trying to find a suitable day/time

  • Set up Team Availability for when the certain staff members need to be present for a meeting

We have all wasted hours and hours bouncing emails back and forth trying to schedule meetings, especially when it’s with multiple people all in different locations. The Meetings tool is linked to your Outlook or Google calendar and syncs automatically. You set up the simple Meetings App, decide when you want to be available, and anybody can book a meeting with you without the need to do it manually. Links to book meetings can be included both in your emails (with the Hubspot inbox integration we’ve already seen), as links on your website or in LinkedIn messages.

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The picture below shows the sort of view your contacts will see after clicking the link and it’s as simple as picking an available time. You don’t have to manually set your availability as this feature syncs directly with your calendar.

You can set up multiple different meeting types. I have one for short 30 minutes phone calls. Another, for 1 hour video conferences. Another, for face to face meetings. The Meetings feature even allows you to set a buffer before and after meetings for you to catch up on work or to travel from place to place if you normally meet face to face.

You can also link the Meeting App with other members of your team, so if a client needs to meet with several of you, they can only see the meeting when everyone is available.

Whenever I use this app, I get comments on how easy it is to book meetings with me and what a great idea it is.

The cost for this feature: You’ll need a Sales subscription which starts from $50 per user per month.

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