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How to Know What Companies Visit Your Website - Part 4 of 12

In this series we will show you how you can be the best sales team in eleven actionable steps. This week we will look at the Hubspot features that can help to prioritise what companies you approach, already knowing what they’re researching. Join us next week for part five on Tailoring Your Sales Emails.

Use Hubspot CRM/Sales to:

  • Research and find Ideal customers

  • Engage contacts with context

After you've worked through the active buyers in your CRM (for example people that came from your website as inbound leads or existing contacts that have started to re engage with your content), the next step is to know what companies are visiting your website.

At this stage you don't know the individual who is visiting but you do know what company they work for and this means you can prioritise who you’re going to approach. You’ll already know how many times they have been on your website, what pages they looked at, and even how many different people from that company have visited. This is good for prospecting but also for contacts you’re already talking to.

The cost for this feature: You’ll need to have at least one person in your company paying for a Sales subscription that start at $50 per user per month.


The cost for this feature

Above is a screenshot from one of our clients CRM. This is called the Prospect View and you can see on the left that I've selected to see only companies that match the Ideal Customer Profile. This is information you simply won't know unless you have the right tools. For example, we can see that McLaren GT visited the website, that they viewed 6 different pages, and that three different people from McLaren GT were on the website.

When we click the Preview button next to each company name we can see:

  1. What they did before they arrived at the website, such as a Google search and the keyword

  2. Every individual page that was viewed

  3. How many times it was viewed

  4. When it was viewed 

When I show this to our clients, especially the ones that weren’t previously interested in a CRM, it's normally a big fat light bulb moment. It's the sort of information they never knew was available.

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James Walters is the Commercial director at The Tree Group, a sales agency that helps companies sell into Automotive, Motorsport, and Defence. He has worked with leading motorsport brands including Brembo, Prodrive, Aston Martin Racing, Nissan Motorsport International (NISMO), Hella, AP Racing, Arai, and Simpson.