How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

The 20 Minute Twitter Audit You Need to be Doing

If your Company is using Twitter you should be performing this 20 minute Twitter Audit to ensure your efforts are producing a good Return on Investment and positive brand image. Join the #SalesSuperleague.

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Your Automotive company can benefit from social media marketing and Twitter is a fabulous tool you should be using to help engage with your audience and expand your brands online reach.

If you are using Twitter then you should also be conducting a Twitter audit. Don’t panic! This is not as scary as it sounds, and shouldn’t take you longer than 20 minutes.


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So why Should you Conduct a Twitter Audit?


There’s lots of things that you can find out by conducting a Twitter audit.

  1. It shows how successful you’re truly being on the site.
  2. You can check your performance.
  3. You can analyse sentiment.
  4. You can analyse traditional metrics.
  5. Who is your audience?
  6. What content does your audience enjoy?
  7. When are your followers active?
  8. Are you seeing a ROI (return on investment)?
  9. Who has access to your account?
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How do you Conduct a Twitter Audit?


  1. Log into your Twitter account and click on your profile picture in the right hand top corner.
  2. Select the ‘Analytics’ tab.
  3. The page that opens up is the analytic data dashboard.
  4. Along the top you will see that the analytics is broken down into Home, Tweets, Audience, Events, Videos, and Conversation Tracking.
  5. In the Tweets section you will need to choose your date range then press ‘Export Data’. Here you’ll be able to see:
    1. Engagement rate
    2. Profile clicks
    3. ULR clicks
    4. Follows
    5. Promoted tweets data
  6. Create a document in google sheets to store your analytics data by copy and pasting it into your sheet. This will help you track your metrics over a long period of time.


Then Find your Audience Demographics and Conduct a Follower Audit

You need your followers on Twitter, and you need them to engage and be interested in what you post. If you look in your Audience tab you’ll be able to see data for your audience. Look through the data and see if there is any large decrease or increase in your followers on a particular day and the corresponding tweet that may have elicited the response. You can then react in a suitable way.


Delve Deeper…..


1) Calculate ROI

You need to know that at least some of your followers are converting to customers. Your audience needs to be growing month by month and engaging with your content and website.

You can use HubSpot or a tool like Google Analytics to see your Visitor-to -Lead Rate and see your sales lead metrics. This links your Twitter marketing efforts and subsequent sales.


2) Set a Daily Visitor-to-lead Rate

Decide on how many leads you’d like to generate monthly and then divide that by the number of working days in that month to figure out your daily visitor-to-lead rate. This will ensure you know that your Twitter activity is bringing enough people to your website and subsequently converting them to customers.


3) Monitor Who Has Access to Your Account

Mistakes can happen so make sure access to your business Twitter account is limited to employees who can monitor and post appropriately. This will also help keep your social strategy in line and keep branding consistent.



Your audit should be completed regularly, for example, every quarter to ensure you are reaching your goals. You may also want to adjust strategy to ensure your posts are engaging and resulting in good ROI.


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Twitter should be used for more than a positive brand image, it is also vital for sales. Test and analyse your content regularly, measure the results of your activities and ROI, and don’t invest too much time and energy here unless you can see the positive results of your activities.


To learn more about social media marketing, start with How To Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day.


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