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Using LinkedIn to Advertise your Automotive job roles

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to advertise your Automotive job roles. LinkedIn will share your adverts across LinkedIn, email to suitable people who have the right skills and location. Anyone on LinkedIn can find your advert through search, and it will also appear on your Company Page. We'll also share the job using the LinkedIn profiles of James Walters and Steve Smith who have 10k+ connections. You can also share your job via social media.


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Whilst we're not a recruiter, we spend a lot of time using LinkedIn to generate leads for our clients and this led us to running job adverts for a number of our clients. We've found LinkedIn to be a great place to advertise various Automotive job roles from sales to production.

Advertising your job roles on LinkedIn gives you access to around 500 million people. A quick search on LinkedIn shows 302,741 people in Automotive in the UK alone, which gives you a huge amount of reach to find the right talent.


Our LinkedIn Job Advertising Service


We handle the LinkedIn Job Post setup for you. We do this using your own LinkedIn profile so you have full control to handle applications. Once your job advert is live, we'll provide you with this How To:


  1. A link to the advert
  2. How to check for applicants
  3. How to mark applicants as (1) Not a fit or (2) Good fit
  4. How to send applicants a message to arrange a call or interview
  5. How to check messages when people ask questions about the job role
  6. How to see the people, Matches, that LinkedIn suggests you might want to headhunt
  7. How to mark Matches as (1) Not a fit, (2) Good fit, or (3) Send them a message with details of the job.


To give you an idea of cost and performance, take a look at our page on LinkedIn Job Posting for Automotive Companies


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James Walters is the Commercial director at The Tree Group, a Business Growth agency that helps Automotive companies with at least 10 staff and a desire to grow by 15% in the next 18-months.