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How to use the latest HubSpot updates from a Certified HubSpot Partner

I'm starting a series of blog posts to give you ideas for using the latest HubSpot updates in your Automotive company using the HubSpot Growth Stack that includes crm, sales, marketing, website, and customer service.


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Each post in this series will be a quick summary of new features in the HubSpot platform and an explanation of how we use them to give you inspiration for your own activity. As a Certified HubSpot Partner, we can advise you on the right HubSpot platforms for your own activity and provide training, setup, and consultancy for all HubSpot products. If you'd like support I suggest we start with a short consultation to see if and how we can help.



Attract your Ideal Customers using the Content Strategy tool


The update 

Content strategy lets you quickly organize your content around a specific topic, and visualize what internal links you need to create within your content to alert search engines to your domain’s authority on a particular topic. But without surfacing content strategy during the content creation process, it can be difficult to understand how one compliments the other. This update lets you quickly copy an internal link to your pillar page and paste it directly within your content so that all of your content can easily be optimized for search.


How we use it

When we're deciding what new content to create, we use the Content strategy tool to see what questions people are searching about a topic. For example, one of our main topics at the moment is GDPR so we created this pillar page about GDPR then used the Content strategy tool to suggest sub topics and used those suggestions to create blog posts such as this GDPR overview. We'll then create different content about sub topics and use the Content strategy tool to make sure we're linking between all those pages. This helps Google understand the topic that we're talking about so we 'own' that topic and attract ideal customers when they're searching for answers.

Here's an example of how we use the Content strategy tool to help build a topic cluster:


Using Topic Clusters in HubSpot to help Automotive companies generate sales


And, here's an example of the optimisation suggestions we get when in HubSpot we're creating a new blog post that talks about a sub topic:


Content topic optimisation suggestions in HubSpot



Use the HubSpot social sharing tool to publish videos to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


The update 

When it comes to social --- video is king. 90% of consumers say video helps them make buying decisions in 2018. As you compete for attention on the networks where your audience spends their time, the ability to share video content with your audience can make your brand stand out. With video publishing available for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can now lean into video marketing across all three networks to better tell your brand’s story. Learn more.


New Design Manager


The update

The new Design Manager has been rebuilt from the ground-up. Features like repeaters, the ability to clone modules, and a new modules framework that bundles HMTL, CSS, and Javascript together make the new design manager easier than ever to use. Access to the new Design Manager also gives you access to site search, as well as modules in the marketplace.


How we use it 

I love HubSpot because everything is in one place; crm, sales tools, website, email marketing, blog, landing pages, forms, CTAs, social media publishing... We use the design manager to easily update website page designs, layouts, and navigation menus without the need for a programmer. For example; I recently updated our website. I completely changed the structure of the site, added new sections with lots of sub pages, and I did this 100% on my own, without a programmer. Nice.


More availability options for Live Chat


The update

Want more control over when your live chat icon appears available? With the new chat availability options, you can do just that. You can learn more about improvements to availability settings in this knowledge article.


Restore Deleted Contacts, Companies, and Deals with Recycle Bin in HubSpot CRM


The update

Now live is the ability to restore deleted contacts, companies, and deals from a recycle bin in your HubSpot CRM within 90 days of the original deletion.


[Now Live] Restore Deleted Contacts, Companies, and Deals with Recycle Bin in HubSpot CRM


How we use it

This is a major update that helps our clients in a GDPR-friendly way. Part of GDPR is having a sensible retention policy.

When we approach new leads for our clients we use the HubSpot Sequences tool, which allows us to write up to five different emails, add in some tasks to call or engage on social media, click send and HubSpot automatically sends each step over a number of days/weeks/months until we get a reply. To comply with retention, if a contact gets to the end of a Sequence without replying, we schedule a final task that says 'delete contact from CRM'. However, sometimes those contacts have just been busy and a few weeks later we do get a reply.

With HubSpot's new GDPR features we now have the option to do a 'soft' delete (that allows us to restore within 90 days) and a 'hard' delete (that is a full GDPR-compliant delete of all personal data). By using the 'soft' delete option and HubSpot's new 'restore' feature, we can easily restore a contact once a conversation is started.

We make the 'reminder to delete' easy. As part of our HubSpot CRM implementation service, when we create new Sequences, we simple add a Task template to the end of each Sequence so the salesperson is automatically reminder to delete the contact if no conversation has been started.

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