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Business owners and department heads are always considering how to survive the latest automotive industry trends. Some find that attracting new customers is getting more difficult whilst others want to find a genuine competitive advantage. On that topic, let's talk about how the Automotive industry is changing... Join the #SalesSuperleague.


Learn How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future...


Let's start with the future, which is all about change


Businesses are facing a technological revolution and if they fail to keep up with the latest automotive trends they will not survive. You may have heard of Inbound Marketing - a cost effective way to generate leads and acquire and retain new customers. It’s an approach that matches how your Ideal customers buy and improves your brand image by turning your company into a thought leader - and, it uses the all-in-one business growth platform called HubSpot so you can see the ROI for all your sales and marketing activity and content. It’s a new concept to most in Automotive but Inbound Marketing is not just a phase. It’s a proven way for B2B and B2C companies to scale and grow. For businesses today, it’s crucial for survival. Plus, the Automotive companies that go Inbound will be the ones with a competitive advantage.


5 Top Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is Important To Your Future


Inbound Marketing reaches your customers where they spend their time and money

The majority of the population under 65 have Social Media accounts. The average person spends 2 hours per day on Social Media and one of the top ten reasons they’re on their is to buy products. It is important you have an effective Social Media strategy and understand how to maximize your ROI.


It is more cost-effective

Small businesses often have very little resources. This is why Inbound Marketing provides them with a better and more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results.


Inbound Marketing delivers leads and customers

Having an effective delivery strategy helps turn your leads into sales.


It earns people’s trust

How to improve trust? Inbound Marketing leverages on Social proof and testimonials from customers who have previously purchased a product or service. Approximately 90% of Social Media users trust information if it comes from a source they know.


Inbound Marketing ensures business survival 

Without knowing what your ideal customers wants, it is almost impossible to meet their needs and stay in business. It needs to analyse the results of its digital marketing strategies in order to be successful.


To Market Your Business, Start With Social Media


Popular social media channels include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Snapchat. Each of these social media platforms are unique in their own right and require unique ways of engagement.

Figure out which social platform is best to reach your target market. Then study those platforms and, when possible, take your thought leader content and targeted advertising to those platforms.

All your marketing should be of some use to your ideal customers, provide useful information to your audience. Useful information is highly effective in increasing sales. By educating your audience on problems and solutions that they care about, you’ll grow your customer base and positioning yourself as a thought leader and specialist.

Provide assistance to your social media fans and followers by answering questions and direct them to your website for more information and gain the opportunity to convert visitors into leads.

Entertain your audience, make them laugh, show you have a personality and brand. Social Media should not just be about promoting your business but also getting to know your audience on a personal level. Get creative and think outside the box.

You should be marketing all of the time - wherever you are.


Other Effective Ways To Market Your Business


Engage with Google 

More people search for businesses online than anywhere else. Promoting your website and company through Google can be helpful, as you’ll attract ideal customers when they’re actively researching or looking for the products and services that you sell.


Search Engine Optimisation

Your website will be little to no use if nobody can find it. Optimise your website from the start and continually monitor your statistics and update it with rich keyword content using the latest ‘Content Topic’ approach to help search engines and your ideal customers know what ‘topics’ you specialise in.


Build an email list

Once you have built an email list, sign up to a trusted email marketing platform, like HubSpot that has email marketing all-in-one with other sales and marketing tools, and send regular, engaging email campaigns to your customers.


Create a blog 

Creating a blog is a great way to attract and engage with your target audience. Provide useful information and optimise your content for search engines to attract your ideal customers when they’re actively searching for questions and solutions related to what you sell.


Analytics allows you to track important metrics 

You can monitor your online marketing strategies, user experience, onsite content and device functionality. Analytics gives you the information you need to improve your sales, marketing, and website, and make all activity and content the best it can be.



Send out a press release about your business in targeted online and offline media. Combine all PR and advertising with your online tools so you can track the ROI from your activity.


Create a promotion

Create a promotion on Social Media. Set up a contest, giveaway or discount for your audience and use branded hashtags.


Network with other businesses

Network with other businesses who are doing the same type of work and collaborate with them to offer a special deal to customers. The aim is that each business will make an offer which benefits the other partner’s customer and encourages them to take up both services. This can help you get valuable referrals.


Create an Ambassador Programme

An Ambassador programme is naturally designed for brand awareness. Give your customers a referral code and reward them with a discount when their referral purchases. Once this has launched, you can announce this on social media and let your customers know.

There are thousands of ways you can promote your business. With the right mix of activities, you can identify and focus on the most effective marketing tactics for your small business.


Surviving the future


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