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How to Give the Best Possible Customer Experience

In part 3 of our series on How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future, we looked at why your customers can help your business grow. Here's part 4, about how to improve trust and give the best customer experience… Join the #SalesSuperleague.

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The 4 Leverage Points for Customer Experience


There are 4 points in the sales process where you can really impress your customers and increase the likelihood they will become advocates for your Automotive company.


The Hard Truth About Acquisition Costs (and How Your Customers Can Save You)


1) Pre-sale: Understand your Customer Goals


The main reason people purchase is to fix or improve something. Your job is to help your customers do just that.


Emily Haahr, VP of global support and services at HubSpot, explains how this works: “Your best customers stay with you because they get value from your products. Dissect your most successful customers and trace back to how they found you in the first place. What marketing brought them to your site? What free tool or piece of content converted them to a lead? What type of onboarding did they receive and with who? What steps did they take in onboarding? And so on… Once you have this information, you can identify and target the best fits for your product earlier, then proactively guide your customers down a path of success, instead of trying to save them once they’ve reached the point of no return.”



2) Pre-sale: Make it Easy for Your Customers to Buy from You


There are several ways to make your sales process easy to attract potential customers:

  1. Make your sales process as easy to navigate as possible.
  2. Remember these days people don't want to talk to a sales person, and they highly value independent reviews.
  3. Can you give away part of your product or service for free?
  4. Can you automate part of the process to ease the burden on your sales team?


3) Post-sale: Invest in Your Customers Success


So how do you know if your customers are happy?? The easiest way is to send out a survey to all customers. This can help you see:

  1. How likely they are to recommend you.
  2. How effective you were at resolving any issues.
  3. Identify holes in customer service.
  4. Track customer sentiment over time.
  5. Quantify the value of customer happiness.


A quick survey post sale can help you identify whether any immediate issues were resolved, whereas monthly or quarterly surveys can ensure that customers are still happy and their general feelings about working with you.

Another way to ensure your customers are happy post sale is to help them to help themselves. A Frequently Asked Questions area on your website can help customers find answers to the most commonly asked questions without having to wait to speak to someone. An added bonus is that this removes some of the work from your customer support team.


4) Post-Success: Turn Happy Customers into your Advocates


Once you have happy and successful customers, you can put them to work!


The Hard Truth About Acquisition Costs (and How Your Customers Can Save You)


You can see above that buyers report their two most trusted sources of information are word-of-mouth referrals and customer references. Use this to your advantage by getting testimonials, case studies and references.

Nurturing your customers through the sales process, and really focusing on customer satisfaction is by far the easiest way to get word out about how amazing your company is! Happy customers equal brand promotion!


To learn more about how to give your customers the best possible experience, start with How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future.



Thanks to HubSpot for this research.


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