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HubSpot Marketing Professional Onboarding for Automotive Companies

Using HubSpot is a core part of growing your business; however, having the tools is one thing and knowing how to use them is another. We specialise in helping Automotive companies to implement, learn, and use HubSpot. We know the fastest way for you to see a benefit from the tools. We test everything ourselves and handover what we know works to our clients. Part of HubSpot onboarding is completed directly by The Tree Group and the rest we guide you to complete.


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Our HubSpot Marketing Professional Onboarding service includes


  1. Kick off process.
  2. HubSpot technical setup.
  3. Guiding you through your first steps with HubSpot.
  4. Multiple One-to-one online sessions to coach and train you on the tools.
  5. Marketing to sales hand-off process.
  6. In total, 32 hours of activity during your first 90-days with HubSpot.


Watch this video walkthrough: 

HubSpot Video


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James Walters is the Commercial director at The Tree Group, a Business Growth agency that helps Automotive companies with at least 10 staff and a desire to grow by 15% in the next 18-months.