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Is Artificial Intelligence Really a Thing of the Future?

In this series on How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future I look at the different website, sales, marketing, and service tools and how we use them to help our Automotive clients to grow. This time I’m going to look at how we use Artificial Intelligence without even realising it! Join the #SalesSuperleague.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?


Are you expecting humanoid robots that zoom about making you cups of tea and cleaning your house? This level of AI isn't quite here yet. But what we do have is technology that can do things humans can uniquely do, such as talk, see, learn, socialise and reason. The AI umbrella is large with many different technologies falling under it. As you can see below there's various levels of both intelligence and usefulness.


Artificial Intelligence and You: Demystifying the Technology Landscape


But let's look at how AI can be used in your business


Do you use Voice Search, Ecommerce Chatbots or Customer service Chatbots? If so, you are already using AI. Buyers are getting more and more comfortable with using voice search and bots so it's something that your automotive company needs to consider to make sure you're not missing out on valuable opportunities.


Voice Search

Speech recognition tools like Siri and Alexa are classed as AI and are rapidly increasing in popularity as a way to search for what you want. They are powered by natural language processing and speech recognition tools and are one of the most established AI enabled technologies. So AI has crept into widespread use without us really noticing. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and tons of other companies have improved on voice search in the years since is was first released (when it didn't work very well) so that now 74% of people have used voice search in the last month.


Artificial Intelligence Is Here - People Just Don’t Realize It


The majority of people who use voice search are happy with the results thanks to machine learning, which constantly improves understanding and accuracy, and it's predicted that 50% of searches on Google will be voice and image searches by 2020.

So, if you want to get your content out there, website and blog post optimisation of featured snippets is a must. Have a look at our blog on how to win featured snippets here.


Ecommerce Chatbots

This is the fastest growing implementation of AI and will be very useful for your automotive business. The idea is that people can buy your products or services through a chatbot that can recommend personalised purchases.


Artificial Intelligence Is Here - People Just Don’t Realize It


Chatbots can communicate with a human by using natural language processing. It processes the buyers request and uses machine learning to determine the best products or services for the user based on purchasing trends. It can also go on to recommend further products or services based on past purchase information. This will free up time for your sales team and can be available to your customers 24/7. Ecommerce bots exist in the world's most popular social networks and messaging applications so its reality and its already found everywhere. They can expand a businesses reach and provide a personal selling experience to customers. And even better, as machine learning programs get more intelligent, ecommerce bots will be able to deal with more and more complicated questions from buyers and sell bigger products or services. If you want your company to keep up with popular demand it's something you should look at investing in.


AI Customer Service

So a bot doesn't have to be contained to selling. It can also be a vital tool in customer service. If you have a service bot live on your website, it doesn't matter what time of day or night a customer has a query, the service bot can be there to help them resolve it. In fact, live chat is almost as popular as telephone and email support.


Artificial Intelligence Is Here - People Just Don’t Realize It


It's often the quickest way to get a real-time answer and saves your customers clicking around in your website trying to find the information they are looking for. Again, as the programming becomes more sophisticated, service bots will be able to handle more complex problems and questions. A service bot can also link with a live service, so that if they are unable to help, the customer can switch over to a real person who can then deal with the query. It is also possible for an AI bot to deal with both sales and service.


In conclusion AI chatbots can help your business is many ways:


  1. They are always on and available to your customers.
  2. They operate on a one-to-many scale.
  3. They provide instant assistance.


If a customer can get the answer they need fast, they are much more likely to have a positive customer experience, use your business again, and recommend you to friends.


To learn more about how you can grow your business using modern technology, start with How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future.


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