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Be prepared for the future and start learning how to win featured video clips, which is part of our series on How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future. Join the #SalesSuperleague.

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What is a Featured Clip?


A Featured Clip occurs in the place of a featured snippet but it's a video. It starts and stops at the exact section of the video that answers the searcher's query.


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When do Featured Clips show up?


This type of snippet usually shows up when searcher's want a highly visual 'how-to' guide and step by step instructions.


HubSpot's Research..


HubSpot analysed 165 Featured Clips to see what they had in common. Here is what they found...


A Video's Name is Important

HubSpot found that 80% of Featured Clips contained the keyword in the title. This is an important factor in winning the Featured Clip.


A Video's Length Doesn't Matter

In HubSpot's analysis, the longest video was over 35 minutes whereas the shortest one was less than 55 seconds. This suggests that video length doesn't matter as long as the video's content aligns with the searchers intent. The only point to consider here is that if you want searchers to watch your whole video, its best to keep them short and sweet.


Update Older Content

Google doesn't seem to take into account a video's age, with the average being 4 years and 8 months old. This means that in order to win Featured Clips, you should optimise even your older videos content.


Don't Focus on YouTube Rank

There was only a weak link between a videos rank on YouTube and whether or not it won a Featured Clip. There was, however, a strong correlation between a videos rank on Google's video tab and its presence as a featured clip.


Videos are Showing up in Featured Snippets. We Analyzed 165 of Them.


Typed up Content in Your Video's Description

HubSpot found that surprisingly 71% of Featured Clips didn't have scripts or lists in their descriptions. If you want to make your content more available to hearing impaired users or people that prefer to read it's always advised to add typed up content.




  1. Featured Clips are volatile. While HubSpot's research was taking place 26% of the keywords initially producing featured clips stopped. This could mean that other search terms were producing them instead but take into consideration this could happen to a clip you are trying to win.
  2. Queries with Featured Clips tend to favour consumers rather than professionals, with only 8% of clips deemed as professional. Meaning that it may not be worth while trying to win Featured Clips in order to sell to your customers.


All in all, it's most likely not going to be beneficial to spend a lot of time and money currently trying to win Featured Clips for your Automotive company. BUT Google is a constantly changing and evolving beast, and with younger consumers wanting more video content, Featured Clips are something to keep an eye on. It's always best to be prepared and in front of any new algorithmic changes rather that lagging behind.


To learn more about increasing traffic to your website, start with How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future.


Thank you HubSpot for graphics and research.


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