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YouTube Live Event - Want to know about the Modern Buyer in Automotive and Motorsport?

For our second blog post in the series ‘The Modern Sales process’, we’re looking at what makes someone a “Modern Buyer”...

Let’s all say it together – today’s buyer has all the power. We’re all the person with the keys. It’s a hard pill to swallow, admitting you don’t have control, but once you do you can really start to level the playing field.

Modern Buyer

Modern buyers are very efficient at tuning out interruption

Think about this for yourself –

When was the last time that you were actually caught by a cold call?

How many unsolicited emails do you you actually open and read?

Modern buyers know how to find their own information

For every competitive space, there’s a product or review site out there.

For even the most niche of industries like Automotive and Motorsport, there are a dozen active online groups and forums.

When modern buyers buy, they do it on their own timeline and terms

A ‘Think with Google’ study found that ‘Today's business buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57 percent of the purchase process is complete’.

When modern buyers buy

This probably isn’t news. We are all modern buyers. But, this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone because we are all modern buyers.

Yet most sales teams in Automotive and Motorsport are trying to sell modern buyers with a legacy sales process.

Just think about your own buyers journeys for the latest products you’ve purchased. I know personally I have tried to avoid salespeople as long as possible. I conduct my own research, check websites, read reviews, etc.

Trying to sell to modern buyers with a legacy sales process is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole... It just isn’t efficient or effective.

Something’s gotta change!

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James Walters is the Commercial director at The Tree Group, a sales agency that helps companies sell into Automotive, Motorsport, and Defence. He has worked with leading motorsport brands including Brembo, Prodrive, Aston Martin Racing, Nissan Motorsport International (NISMO), Hella, AP Racing, Arai, and Simpson.