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In this post we'll look at a quick way to generate extra leads from your website and to know the sources that deliver the best leads and customers so you can better target your marketing and sales activity.


What leads do you generate from your website?


A great place to start is to take a step back and consider what your website is doing for you. If it isn't generating leads that then turn into customers then what's the point??? Most Automotive companies have plain brochure websites and the only form of lead generation is having a contact page with a form, phone number, and email address. If that's you, you're missing opportunities with the majority of people that visit your website.


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Research shows that 'At any given time, only 3% of your market is actively buying. 56% are not ready, 40% are poised to begin*'. That means that the majority of people visiting your website are just doing research and they don't want to talk to you. So, how do you engage with people earlier?


How to engage with people before they contact you


With 50% of buyers choosing the supplier that responds first * it's important to be proactive. You may already have a good stream of business; however, are you missing opportunities with your Ideal customers who are a perfect fit for your company and will generate more revenue and profit with less effort?

Don't just sit there and wait for the phone to ring. If you make contact earlier than your competitors, you will be the company that gets more new opportunities with your Ideal customers.


Add pop ups to your website to generate new 'earlier' leads

This can be done with our HubSpot Marketing Free implementation that's part of our Get Started with Free Technology service. Here's an example of what you'll get for each page of your website:



Understand the source of your leads and customers


Another feature of those Pop-ups (called Lead flows in the tool) are that you'll also see where your leads came from before arriving at your website. Was it a Google search, from another website, or from social media. As we'll also get you setup with the HubSpot CRM your leads will be automatically added to the CRM then you'll use the Deals feature to track and win deals and this will all go towards giving you closed-loop reporting.

You'll know what sources generate the best customers so you can start making fact based decisions on where to invest your money and time to improve the quality of leads and customers.

Before deciding what you should change to grow your business, start with Why you need to change...

* Source of stats: HubSpot and HubSpot.


Grow your business with our Events, Guides, Podcasts, Offers, and Case studies...

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