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[New in HubSpot] HubSpot Video and Tracking recurring revenue

Here's a round-up of the most important new features released by HubSpot. This time we're looking at HubSpot Video and the ability to track recurring revenue.

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HubSpot Video


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Use video in HubSpot for sales and marketing


With HubSpot Video powered by Vidyard, you can add video to your blog posts, landing pages, website pages, and knowledge base articles. You can also create custom videos directly in HubSpot to share in your one to one sales emails or customer service tickets. This update comes to HubSpot Marketing Professional and Enterprise, HubSpot Sales Professional and Enterprise, and HubSpot Service Professional.


What we say

This update makes it easy to see a direct ROI from your video content such as the amount of views on each video and understanding how long people watch each video and where they drop off.


Use video in HubSpotSource: HubSpot


How it helps Sales

We've been using the Vidyard GoVideo extension for some time to easily create personalised videos with the ability to share your webcam and screen. The video update from HubSpot means we can now do that inside HubSpot CRM at the point we're drafting an email to send to a contact. Why is this good? Well, it gives you a different medium to use, helps with face to face contact, makes it easier for you to explain complex details instead of a lengthy email, and you get notified when you're videos are watched helping you prioritise the contacts that are most engaged.


Use video in HubSpotSource: HubSpot


The same goes for the Customer Service part of HubSpot where you can easily add videos into your one to one emails. What's interesting here is that videos can easily be added into the knowledge part of the HubSpot Service Hub (Service Hub is the part where your contacts can find answers to common questions to save you having to answer them manually).


How it helps Marketing

With this update, you no longer have to upload videos to a 3rd party, such as YouTube, then embed the video in your pages or posts. You just upload directly to HubSpot, go to the file manager, and select your video.

What's really interesting is the ability to add Calls to Action (CTAs) and Forms into your videos using the HubSpot CTA and Forms tools. Then you can trigger automated activity using Workflows based on how each person interacts with your videos. And, by looking at video analytics, you can use the facts to know how to improve your videos.


Use video in HubSpotSource: HubSpot


When it come to social sharing of videos, you should keep uploading videos direct to each social media platform, as this will help you get the best results. Watch this space for updates from HubSpot.


Track recurring revenue


When managing recurring services and products in HubSpot, analyse and track the projected value of a deal amount over time with the revenue analytics report. The revenue analytics report allows users to track how much revenue they are generating or losing during a specific time range to better understand the impact of renewals, upgrades, downgrades, and churns on revenue. This update comes to HubSpot Sales Enterprise.


Track recurring revenue with revenue analyticsSource: HubSpot


What we say

In the past, we've had to create separate deals for each piece of income, i.e. we might have sold a 1 year subscription with payments coming in every month. With this update it means that businesses with recurring revenue can more easily track their revenue based on:

  1. Recurring revenue amount - the total amount of recurring revenue associated with a deal. This is a monthly value.
  2. Recurring revenue deal type - the deal type. The available values for this property are New business, Renewal, Upgrade, and Downgrade.
  3. Recurring revenue inactive date - the date when this specific amount of recurring revenue for the deal is no longer collected.
  4. Recurring revenue inactive reason - the reason why this specific recurring revenue amount is no longer collected. The available values are Churned, Renewal, Upgrade, and Downgrade.



Track recurring revenue with revenue analyticsSource: HubSpot



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