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In this series on How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future I look at how Automotive Companies can future proof their businesses to ensure continued growth. This time I'm going to walk you through some HubSpot research focusing on how buyers feel about online security. Join the #SalesSuperleague.

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Give the right notice on your website forms


Research by HubSpot has shown that European customers value quick notification and transparency. They are also careful when filling out forms on websites. Although just over half understand how companies use data for personalised marketing and want to see tailored adverts, many still feel tracked and that companies are not handling personal data in a safe way. Have you considered how to handle this in your future strategy?


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What European consumers expect


Be transparent about how and when you use data


European customers were asked 'If a company was 100% transparent about how and when they used your personal data (such as your email address) are you more or less likely to consider them trustworthy?'

A massive 72% would consider them trustworthy whilst only 7% would consider them untrustworthy.


European consumers trust transparency


Ask for permission before adding people to your mailing list


The majority of European customers would opt out of all communications with a company if they could. They didn't want companies contacting them without their permission, didn't want companies storing their personal data, and they wouldn't buy from a company if they weren't GDPR compliant.


European consumers will unsubscribe


Secure your website with SSL


When buyers were asked if they would continue browsing a site that was flagged as 'Not Secure', in the UK 83% said they would not browse the site. This only dropped to 82% across all regions.


SSL matters to consumers


Your website needs to be mobile compliant


When buyers were asked what was there preferred device for online browsing, overall 48% used there mobile phone, with 43% using a computer or laptop.


Many regions are mobile first


What can you learn from this?


You need to be honest and open with your buyers. Let them know how their data will be used and make it relevant to them. Make your content for any marketing exciting and engaging so they don't want to unsubscribe.

Make sure you are GDPR compliant, your website is secure and that it's optimised for mobile phone use. Let your buyers know their details are safe and keep them happy!


To learn more about what your buyers want, start with How Automotive Companies Can Survive The Future.


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