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How to get started with growing your business

This video is a summary of the basics on getting started with growing your business and includes: 1. Strategy, 2. Ideal customer research, 3. Quarterly campaigns, 4. Social advertising, 5. Include conversion paths, and 7. Learn exactly how to do Inbound marketing and sales

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The video includes:

  1. Create your strategy and goals (here)
  2. Complete your ideal customer research (here)
  3. Run quarterly campaigns based on content topics (here)
  4. Regularly publish blog posts; share them on social and email (here)
  5. Use social advertising to quickly attract website visitors
  6. Include a conversion path on every page/post (see/click CTAs for '30 Greatest')
  7. Don't include PDF links on your website; use forms to generate leads
  8. And, learn exactly how to do Inbound marketing and sales (free courses here)


Some other recommendations for you:

  1. Update your blog with a summary of posts + sidebar (example)
  2. Add a main offer throughout your website with button in header (example)
  3. Once you're posting regular content, try growing Twitter using Owlead
  4. Use unique URLs in print/advertising then monitor effectiveness


And, these are the HubSpot tools to make that as easy as possible:

  1. CRM (Free) --> Make it easy to manage your contacts
  2. Marketing Starter (£42/month) --> For email marketing + forms
  3. Sales Starter (£42/user/month) --> Time saving tools for Gmail/Outlook
  4. Move your website to HubSpot so it's much easier to manage and track ROI


How we can help next:

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  3. Our Get started with free technology offer
  4. Our HubSpot quick start package
  5. Our other offers such as CRM implementation and Launch plan
  6. All main offers in the footer of our website


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